Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All About "Chomp"...

Blondie and I have a code-word. We use it A LOT. If you've hung out with us for more than 30 minutes, we've probably said it at some point. That word is "Chomp".

I'm not sure how we came up with this word as our word, but we used to pretend take bites out of each other. I'm sure it came up as some form of that.

To me it means a lot of different things. I say it to Blondie instead of "I love you". If he makes me laugh, I tell him "Chomp". If I think he just looks really cute, I bust out with "Chomp your blonde head". He's about the same way. I admit. It's kind of sickening.

The whole point was that Blondie made my birthday weekend special and unique. He made it full of "Chomp".

Blondie met me on Friday night so that he could finally meet a good friend of mine from work. We all went for some drinks, before Blondie and I headed back to the hood to meet up with The Gang for more drinks.

Saturday, Blondie and I got up late, lazed around, and then finally headed into GG Park to see (how appropriate) "Chomp", a carnivorous plant show at the Conservatory of Flowers. We got to see Venus Fly Traps in addition to about 200 other plants that eat bugs for nutrients. It was such a nice day, and we did something we wouldn't normally do, which made it even better. After the park, Blondie and I caught the bus to outer Richmond district to get some sit-down Mexican food and margaritas. I had been complaining for about 2 months that all I wanted was this, so he finally took me to get me to shut up. ;)

Sunday, we met up with a friend of ours in Sunset and watched football ALL DAY LONG. We hit our favorite bar, where our favorite bartender was working, and literally drank and watched football for about 8 hours solid. GO PACK!

So thanks to Blondie and all my friends who gave me a great weekend.



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