Monday, July 30, 2007

New blog!

The Poohs now have their own blog! To check out what's going on in their lives, and to see a pic of the Cutest Kid In The World, click the link on the side of the page under "Blogs".

This weekend - so much fun! Friday night found both me and Blondie being incredibly lame. We ended up renting a movie through our cable, but I only watched about 15 minutes of it before I was asleep, at yes, 8:15 pm (give it up for Bikram! SLEEPING rocks!).

Saturday, we met Party C at Bikram and got ourselves sweaty off the bat. Then, we met my partner-in-crime at Jazz Fest in the North Beach area. The beers I had there were my first beers in 13, count them 13, days!!!! They tasted so sinfully good I could hardly stand it. Then it was off to a friend's for wine night. Unfortunately, however, the beers earlier in the day hit me HARD, and by 10 pm on Saturday night, I was out cold.

Blondie, however, decided to party more than me. Which leads to Sunday morning, and a hungover Blondie saying "No to Bikram". I went sans Blondie, and then in the afternoon, him and I shopped ourselves silly. But only for necessities - we bought boring stuff like groceries, a drying rack, new sandals, new workout gear. Snooze.

Sunday night turned out to be an event. We were attempting to make BLT's, and ended up somehow blowing out ALL the fuses in the apartment. ALL of them. Nothing works. Our overhead lights are fine, and our stove since it's a 3 prong (??? - I'm not the electrical engineer in our family), but nothing else. No alarm clocks, no laptops, no TV, no charger for the cell phone, no charger for the toothbrushes. We ended up plugging our fridge into an extension cord and plugging that into the hall socket. Sigh. We thought it would be hysterical to take our microwave and our toaster into the hall and make our BLT's out there, but alas, we were too tired to go through with our plan.

And now here it is. Monday. Ugh. 5 days left of work, Bikram knocked me on my butt so I'm tired, blah blah blah. And I have a head cold.

But seriously now, take a gander at the Cutest Kid in the World! She's enough to brighten anyone's day!


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