Monday, July 23, 2007

That's hot.

That's right. It is hot. And by hot, I mean Hot. And by Hot, I mean HOT.

I got this idea in my head when I lived in Texas that I would love Bikram Yoga (Yoga done in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity, and the class lasts for 90 minutes). I'm not sure why I thought I would love this, but I had this idea in my head that Bikram Yoga people were my type of people.

It's Texas though. We had 1 Bikram studio that we could've driven to, except it was on the west side of downtown Fort Worth which depending on the traffic took awhile. So we never took Bikram in Texas.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I still had this (stupid) idea in my head, so me, Blondie, and Party C drug our butts to class on Saturday morning. I walked into the room, promptly said "there is no way I can stay in here for 90 minutes" and hit the floor (did I mention how HOT it was?). However, we made it. All 3 of us. We fought the dizziness (yes, oh yes, you get dizzy), the nauesousness (glad you are warned not to eat beforehand), and the incredible amount of sweat that pours from your body (every piece of clothing on my body was soaked all the way through).

Class ends. Yours truly and Party C are relieved - this sucked! Blondie however, decided that my Texas opinion about Bikram was dead-on. He LOVED the class.

I hated Bikram until I woke up on Sunday morning, and realized that the sleep disorder I've had since I can remember, didn't kick in on Saturday night. I slept for 8 solid hours, straight through - no tossing, turning, getting up to pee. I can't tell you the last time that has happened.

So then of course, we went back Sunday (I'm craving the sleep), and this morning. And guess what? I kind of like it too now. I like it a lot more when I'm done, but still, it's something I can do for awhile. (It does completely knock me on my ass though - we hit Party C's for our usual Sunday night fare last night, and I couldn't even make my mouth move to talk - everyone knows that NEVER happens so that shows you how tired I was!)

So I was right (as always): Bikram people are my type of people. I just wish they weren't so sweaty. :)


P.S. Blondie rocks the Bikram. He can do all the poses and never has to take a "sit down" break! Go Blondie!

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April said...

Way to go guys!! I want to join you sometime - just tell me when/where!