Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nada...

I had my mini-Tvly reunion yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN! 8 of us came out for lunch, and to wish one of our former colleagues well as he travels home to India for awhile. Of the 8 of us, 6 of us walked out together on the last day, 1 of us stayed with the company for a bit longer, and the other had actually quit awhile ago, but came just to hang out. I miss those guys. I miss cussing my way through the office with those guys. I miss the "Hey, what's for lunch today?" callout around 11:30 am. I miss them giving me a hard time about how much I drank the night before. I miss discussing cats with them. But mostly I just miss them. Okay, I'll admit it - the despised old job did have good parts to it.

On a cheerier note, Blondie and I hit Bikram for the 6th day in a row today. I tell you what, yesterday and today the instructors were out to kill us. And I don't mean that figuratively. A couple interesting things happened today though:
1) On our way to class at 6:40 am, we hear this voice behind us saying "I'm stealing your spots today!" We turn around and it's one of our classmates (the class is in the hood so most people who go to it walk from somewhere in the hood), and she was wanting our normal spots by the door (because when you are by the door, everytime it opens, you get the fresh air hitting your body, and by the way, could this sentence be any longer?) We ended up walking with her, and she lays on us that the first time she saw us in class she recognized us from the hood. :) First thing going through my head is "uh oh, she saw us drunk and stupid at the bar in the hood". But it was nice - I like meeting new people and this seems to be the place to do it!
2) My fat pants fit again. I have a size in my head I won't go above. Last week I admitted defeat and went out to buy a new pair of dress pants, and I bought them in this size (they didn't fit). Yesterday, they went right up. WOO HOO! And today, Blondie told me that you can already see the change in my body. WOO HOO WOO HOO (that's a double woo hoo).

On Tuesday, we even managed to convince Shelbs to come join us for the torture. And then she came downtown and met up with me, Bbbb, and Miss LM for some lunch. We said goodbye to the last time she could possibly meet us downtown for this kind of activity, b/c she starts her new job on Monday! Boo for work! But at least, her job has a much better cafeteria than 99% of other companies.

And that's it. My whole lotta nada.


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