Thursday, July 05, 2007

The home front...

So, first off, happy 1 day late anniversary WC! It seems like just yesterday, we had made it into Ohio to see you get married! Just yesterday, or a year ago. :)

Secondly, happy 1 day late 4th of July!

Thirdly, news....
So, thanks to Party C, Blondie and I *finally* made it legitimately out of the city. We finally went somewhere besides Oakland Airport, or Target in Daly City. Last weekend, we drove up through Napa (oops) and Sonoma (ah yes, the *right* way), and hit Sugarloaf Ridge State Park to do some camping. Party C set it up, and tagging along for the ride were me, Blondie, Wonderbutt, Porn King, and Girlfriend J.

We had a pretty good time! It involved a bunch of sleeping in a lawn chair for me while the rest of the crew hiked. Then it involved a TON of food (sigh, my favorite thing!) and beer (sigh, my second favorite thing!) and just plenty of good company (sigh, my alltime favorite thing!). We came back on Sunday refreshed and ready to hit the week.

It also made me and Blondie realize we've got to explore this state before we leave it, so we are planning a trip to Carmel-By-The-Sea (watch out Clint Eastwood - I'm coming to make your day, punk) and Monterrey this weekend, and next weekend it's off with some friends to Healdsburg for my type of camping (i.e. a cabin, a hottub, WIFI, etc).

To celebrate our independence from work on the 4th, me, Party C, WB, and Blondie hit up the bar in the hood on the 3rd. Ugh. Insert your usual "They got trashed" stories here, but my main point is that after we got home that night, I decided I needed spaghetti. I ended up dumping that spaghetti down my left leg, and now it's covered in burn welts/bruises shaped like spaghetti noodles, and blisters. That's what I get for trying to make food when I'm under the influence of beer and jaeger! P.S. it looks FUNKY.

On the 4th, I got myself a much needed Sweetie J fix! She made the trek to my hood from her hood to join us for a greasy brunch! (See you tomorrow Sweetie J!). Blondie and I ended up hanging in GG Park for a bit, and then on our way back to the apartment, ran into our good friend "Kezar Pub" and "Kezar Pub" ended up bringing us way too much chicken wings and pitchers o' frothy goodness. Then it was home to poke at my blisters and watch the bestest Tv show ever: "I'll still love you when I'm 70, and you're 65 with the face of a 40 year old and the boobs of a 29 year old". You can't get enough Scrubs!

And now here I am. Back at work. Blogging. Wishing it was 6:30 pm already (who am I kidding, 6 pm already).

Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers.


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