Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last week was the family trip to Vegas in celebration of Grandma's 80th Birthday. There were 11 of us total and it was a blast! We took in a couple shows (Jubilee and Legends) which were both great and did the customary tour of the Casinos on the strip and of Freemont street. Lots of gambling/eating/drinking was done which is always makes a vacation fun! K and I both ended up for the trip ($400 and $100) and got in plenty of gambling to quench our Vegas thirst for quite a while. K is the Black Jack queen and the craps tables were treating me well.

We all put $5 into the pot and played some slots hoping for the big score. After the first day we had a last pull win to put us back up to even and decided to save it for the next day. However, we didn't do as well the second day and by the end Vegas had our money. Here's Grandma having a go at it...

We had lots of cocktail parties in the suite:

And made our way over to Excalibur to play the family tradition of "Pitch-a-Witch" ;-)

As for the home front, Kerri surprised me on Monday with a trip to the Giants game. We had unbelievable seats 3 rows back from home plate. We are 2-0 on Giants games so far, which is pretty good considering their record. So if the Giants want to pay us to go to their games and watch to make sure they win then we're up for it!

And for those of you that haven't visited yet, the summer sunsets are spectacular from the apartment window...


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Brad Thompson said...

Woo for Vegas!

And those sunset photos are stunning! That looks worth the walk up the hill if you ask me.