Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So finally here's a bunch of pics from the past 6 months...

My little bro's graduation weekend:
Him faking like he went to school there and got a diploma:

The fam:

The parents of two smart Mosee grads ;)

A visit with my Grandma:

Here's some from my Grandma's 80th birthday party.
We couldn't make it back, but we'll see her soon in Vegas, Whoohooo!

Our ever growing family (sorry we couldn't make it):

Mr. and Mrs. Poohs visit:
Lombard Street:

Japanese Tea Gardens:

And a very foggy day at Goldent Gate bridge:

Here's some from K's Mom and Sister visiting:
A much nicer day at the bridge:

A walk on the beach:

A stop by the Dutch windmill and tulip garden in GG Park:

And the Alcatraz visit:

Here are some from the Vegas trip K and I took with my bro N-dawg and his wife L:

Here's me and K at a Giants game for my birthday:

Here's a pic of us hanging out at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate park on a beautiful May day:

And some pics of an earlier day at the same place in February:
Lots of hippies with their hippy toys:

And finally some from our apartment:
Entrance way:

Entrance room looking into the living room:

Living room:

Living room again:

Looking in from study:

Study (aka where S is stuck all day):

Of course the massage chair is only feet away:)

Looking in from kitchen:

Very small kitchen:

That's it. Now stop bugging me to put pics up!!! :)


Kerri&Shaun said...

So, when you going to put some pictures up?

Brad Thompson said...

Yeah, some pictures would be nice.