Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Visit with the Poohs...

So last weekend saw the Poohs make the trek to SF to spend some time touring around with Yours Truly and Blondie. WE HAD A BLAST!

Mr and Mrs Pooh landed Friday afternoon, which ended up being quite an accomplishment. The airline they flew (I won't name names, but it rhymes with ShUnited), managed to screw up 3 out of their 4 flights this past weekend. Their flight from Lex to Chicago was delayed, and they didn't think they would make their Chicago flight, but they did, only to find out the Chicago flight was delayed. Anyhoo, after a LONG day travelling, they finally got to leave the airport and ride the train to the city with me.

Then, just to put a capper on their day, Blondie and I inadvertently took them for a tour of the T-Loin trying to find the restaurant we wanted to take them to. A few beers after dinner and that concluded our evening. After all, they are totally on Eastern time.

Saturday we met them early and rode the cable cars to Lombard Street. Mr Pooh decided to put his vibe out (i.e. he stuck his ass out really far while we rode the cable cars, and almost got nailed by a cable car going the other way) We also had a super sarcastic driver (he was fabulous), who when someone asked if the car we were on was going to Fisherman's Wharf, he replied that it was actually going to San Diego). When we got to Lombard, we walked down it and took a peek at the Real World house before slowly making our way to Ghiradelli Square.

From there it was slowly ambling down to Fisherman's Wharf to see the sea lions and get snack before hopping our boat to Alcatraz. When mom and sis came to visit and we toured Alcatraz, we didn't do the audio tour which turned out to be a HUGE mistake. The audio tour rocked. After Alcatraz, we had some lunch and drinks, and then caught the F-Train back to Powell.

All of us were beat so we just head back to the hood for some beers, pizza, movie and Wii!

On Sunday, The Poohs caught the train out to the hood again and met me and Blondie for breakfast. From there we hit the Pacific Ocean, the bison paddock in GGPark, the Tea Gardens in GGPark, Full House Park and the Painted Ladies, the GGBridge, and finally Grace Cathedral (the most gorgeous building I've ever been in).

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some shopping, some eating, and some more movie watching.

It was so good seeing the Poohs, especially seeing as how it's been almost a year since we last saw them! Now, I just have to make it back to Lex to see The Cutest Kid in the World before she realizes it's been way too long since I've seen her!

Thank you guys! We had the bomb time!

--K and S

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