Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm money baby...

So, I'm off to Vegas yet again. With Blondie yet again. I think we are going to see how many times we can make it to the City o' Sin in a year (nov '06 to nov '07). So far he has been 3 times, and yours truly has been 2. This next trip bumps us up to 4 and 3 respectively.

We'll be there in June to celebrate Grandma S's birthday (Blondie's grandma on his mom's side), and celebrating with the majority of Blondie's family unit. Blondie is staying 5 days, I'm flying in for 1. That's right. 1 day. Fly in Monday, come back Tuesday.

I'm going to predict how my blog will sound when I come back from that trip: "OMG! Then it was 5 am and I was TRASHED! And I lost so much MONEY!" :)

One thing constant about me, is that I like my booze and my gambling.


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