Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Milwaukee trip...

Somehow I left off some other GREAT news. Blondie is off to the land o' cheese this weekend to see his youngest brother graduate with his bachelors degree in electrical engineering! Blondie and his family will be going to Bro's senior design exhibit on Friday and then to Bro's graduation on Saturday.

Bro heads off to Arkansas on Sunday b/c Bro is immediately starting a PhD program at University of Arkansas in nanotechnology!

Congratulations Bro!!! A word of advice from someone older (not wiser, just older): if you don't want to be yacking your guts out on Saturday, avoid beer darts with the fam on Friday.


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Mississippi Queen You Know What I Mean said...

I can't wait to hear about the news that makes you go Wheeeeeee! BTW, my big news for today is I bought a road bike...now I can do my tri in July and not die on that damn mountain bike! LOL!