Friday, November 03, 2006

Agh. What a week! I'm blogging today from DFW. I came back on Wed night to visit the hubby and kitties, and celebrate my birthday. Yours truly is now officially mid-30's. I had some Hooter's and beer to ring in the new year, but had to play low-key since I had an early early early early morning today for work. Tonight, there will be raging.

Since I last caught up with you all - a lot has happened.

My partner-in-crime officially left SF. It was a sad day when that happened. Ironically, he is living in DFW for a few months. I now have to find a new person that can keep up with me when I get on a roll (that's not easy to do, but those of you who can, I HEART YOU; WC, Slick - I'm talking about you).

I celebrated my first official Halloween in SF. It was a great and fabulous (and boozy) night but ended with 10 people being shot about a block from where we were. We didn't see or hear anything, but it was a damper on an otherwise spectacular evening.

Arrrrr matey - is that a pirate monkey chomping on Montag's head? Why yes, yes it is. And oh my, I think I spotted a Jackson Ho'. And there is me, being a fairy godmother on acid coming to grant your every wish - or at least the wishes I thought were worthy.

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April said...

I have no idea why you think I can't roll with the best of them. Oh wait, I'm falling asleep as I write this post. After... 10pm... I'm.... worthless!