Monday, November 27, 2006

Officially needing another vacation day (and a new liver).

Me and S rang in Thanksgiving with some FABULOUS food at A&B's house. Yours truly was drunk when we got to their house, and didn't let up all afternoon. Yours truly also ate her weight (it's hard to do) in food, and didn't stop until the button on my jeans about blew off. After a truly great tday, S and I trucked back up the 17th street hill (seriously, I should've lost all the weight I gained after that hike) to our apartment building, where we raced each other up the steps to our apartment. I won. Even after tripping between 1st and 2nd floors and going face down on the steps. Man, S is sure slow.

Friday saw me and S all over the city - we first braved the mall *gasp* to get S a new cell phone and then we went and saw Borat. Truly hysterical and truly cringe-worthy. I might have a crush on Sasha Baron Cohen. But a crush like the silly guy in class who always made you laugh but that was about it. Then it was back to Cole Valley to drop off said cell phone and then over into Sunset for pizza and beer. Yum. Pizza. Yum. Beer. After truly stuffing ourselves, we cut through GG Park to Richmond to catsit for a friend S2. And then it was a truck back to Cole Valley for boozing into the night.

Saturday saw S hop his flight back to DFW. I then made it a goal to move out of bed only to pee and eat. I not only met my goal, but blew right past it. Seriously, I don't think I moved but 5 times on Saturday. Glorious.

And yesterday my dear sweet friend J and I went out. It was intended to be a low-key day, but ended up being a day that started with martinis and ended up with burgers and PBR in a can. The movie, which J slept through, rocked. The martinis rocked. The beer rocked. And the burgers ROCKED. The only thing that would've made it more fabulous is if Berkeley realized that school SHOULD end the week of Thanksgiving so that Ms A could've joined us on our little trip through alcohol-land.




April said...

It sounds like a fun trip indeed! I'll talk to Berkeley about ending the semester early because I can't take any more weekends of work. It's downright un-American for me to have spent Thanksgiving weekend in front of a computer!!

Mississippi Queen You Know What I Mean said...

You DO need a new liver after all of that!!!