Monday, June 08, 2009

50000 lbs of crawfish, in my belly!!!!

Because god knows I hadn't eaten my weight in crawfish when I was in NOLA, Blondie and I decided to hit up the 7th annual SF Crawfish Boil yesterday. We joined Mr and Mrs K, and several of our other friends to partake in $25 all-you-can-eat and drink!!!! They lost money on us.

It was a blast. First off, it was a GORGEOUS SF day. The sun was out, a slight breeze, it was warn enough for short sleeves. Second, the Crawfish Boil was on the bay - behind us was the GG Bridge, in front of us was a spectacular city view, to one side was Alcatraz/the bay/every sailboat that exists in SF, and to the other side was the hills of the Presidio.

We got to the boil around 11 am, after being escorted over by a fantastic woman that we happened to run into while we were pondering which way we needed to go from the parking lot. She overheard us talking, knew immediately where we were headed, and walked us over. She's lived in SF for a long time, and actually lives right by GG Park.

The day was just spectacular - the food was so good, the beer was free, and the friends are fantastic!

The only bad part is the INSANELY bad sunburn I'm sporting now (Blondie too!). I have a tomato head and arms, and Blondie is now officially a redneck.

Today was spent relaxing, watching Slumdog Millionaire, and reading.

Also, in other news, I broke down and bought EA Active for our Wii - it's a great game and reminds me so much of bootcamp! It gets my heart rate up and gets me moving! I've been hitting the gym again for the past month, and have started adding in the game the past week. I've got to get in shape for 2 major events coming up:
1) The wedding of Shelbs and Bbbb! Don't want to be the fat bridesmaid.
2) GREENBAY MARATHON (full) - May 2010!!!!! Blondie, MG, and I will be running the entire thing, and drinking beer and eating brats after!


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