Monday, June 29, 2009

A BBQ, a sunny weekend, Pride and Gummi Love, and many drinks...

I have to keep stressing that my work has gone into summer hours until Labor Day - this involves 4 hours of work on Friday that count for 8 hours, and you don't have to make up the missing 4 hours earlier in the week.

Having said that, Friday at 1:45 pm found me at HH with my colleagues enjoying some cheap beverages. Blondie and Sweetie J joined up around 3 pm, and we headed out to get some margaritas before going to see "The Hangover". I about gave myself a heart attack watching that movie as it was HYSTERICAL. I think at the end all I could say was "My face hurts!!!" b/c I had been laughing so hard.

After the movie, it was back from drinks to end our evening. It was a blast hanging out with Sweetie J, and the movie/margs/beers just completed the day.

I bought a game for the Wii - EA Active. I have to say that on a scale of 1 to 10 of how much I recommend this (10 being the highest), my score would be 25. To me, it's way worse than bootcamp in terms of intensity, but also way better b/c it's only 25-33 minute workout sessions (I'm at the end of the 30-day workout program). Also, when I'm bitchy in the mornings, and I say "Fuuuuuck you" to my virtual trainer, he can't hear me and call me out on it! SO MUCH BETTER than bootcamp.

Anyway - Saturday, I worked out with EA Active for several hours - I did my 30 day program, and then went into another hour long program that is separate. When I was done, you could wring the sweat out of my t-shirt. All of this from working out in the apartment.

Afterwards, I headed down to get my toes done and my eyebrows waxed while Blondie went for a run. It was beautiful weather - non-typical SF weather to be honest. Sunny and warm - no clouds, no fog.

That evening we headed over to Shelbs and Bbbb for a cookout. I have a love of all things gummy (bears, swedish fish, juicy twists - you name it, gummy is my poison) and Shelbs had found this fabulous shirt in Austin - it's 1 gummy bear doing another gummy bear from behind. Also, this weekend was Pride. My full belief on Pride is this - whatever any consenting adults want to do with each other, should be completely fucking legal. I want to marry 3 men and 1 woman? Legal. I want to marry a gummy bear? Legal b/c the gummy bear isn't alive. I want to marry a 17-year-old? NOT LEGAL - wait until that kid turns 18.

Anyway, in honor of Pride, I wore my gummi love t-shirt - I was a little worried b/c I didn't want to freak any little kids out, but Blondie pointed out that this is SF, and that shirt is way less crude than what happens on a daily basis anywhere in the city. This statement was perfect b/c as we were on our train riding to the NV for our BBQ, we passed a woman walking to the Pride rally wearing 1) jeans, 2) sneakers, 3) paint to cover her nipples, 4) nothing else.

The BBQ was awesome! The burgers and potato salad were out of this world, and were supplemented nicely by the hurricane mix I brought back from my trip to NOLA.

Yesterday was another beautiful day - and I took advantage of it by going for a run. I'm going to run a full marathon in May 2010 and it's time to start training again. As much as I bitched about bootcamp above, one thing my trainer from bootcamp taught me was how to get through runs (it really was all in my head). So I busted out 2 miles (*without stopping*) in a fairly quick time for me, seeing as how I'm just starting to run again.

And the rest of the day was spent in front of the TV - which was a perfect end to the weekend.

This is a 3.5 day work week for me, so here's hoping it goes fast.

Happy upcoming 4th to everyone!


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