Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NOLA baby, NOLA...

What a freaking blast!!!! First, it was so good to get away for awhile. I miss taking vacations, and this certainly helped fill that void. And then of course, getting to hang with just my mom and sis was a great experience too - that rarely happens for good reason. Blondie and I make it back to KY maybe twice a year.

Anyhoo, flights out last week were rocking good, and got to the hotel without issue. My mom and I immediately set out for Pat O'Briens, the home of the HURRICANE! I was on an empty stomach, and slammed 2 of those suckers down in no time. Then, we headed to Bourbon Street. I got my aura and tarot cards read, and let me tell you, the aura reading freaked me out - it was seriously like this guy had followed me around for 34 years and then spilled everything he had seen about me. The hurricanes didn't help the paranoia either. :)

After the readings, mom and I kept walking Bourbon Street - and we saw a mini-parade come through! They tossed mom some beads, and we followed them for awhile.

I got to eat some oysters that night and gumbo for dinner, and then it was off to gamble the evening away.

The next day mom and I slept in late while sis headed to her conf. We ended up going to tour the aquarium in the afternoon, and then met up with sis for dinner on Bourbon Street followed by a HAUNTED NOLA TOUR! That was honestly my favorite part of the trip for the following reasons:
1) Sis got some AWESOME pictures of the haunted houses - she had so many floating things in her pics that it was freaky!
2) We headed down a street where they were filming a Josh Brolin movie - all the lights and cameras were out, and it was pretty cool.
3) We stopped at the oldest bar in America for drinksies - they make an alcoholic grape slushee that rocked my world.
4) The entire tour was just eerie - the 2nd to last stop is a house owned currently by Nicolas Cage and the story she told about the house was just beyond belief.

Saturday, sis got to end her stuff early so we all had some lunch, and then did a Mississippi River cruise followed by a tour of Mardi Gras World (where they store the floats for the parade). Afterwards, we headed to Cafe Du Monde for some out of this world beignets and then rode the streetcar down Canal Street. We ended up with some killer mexican food (it was my decision and I'm embarrassed that I made us eat mexican when there was so much good cajun food around!)

Sunday was hard, b/c we had to get up so early and it's always sad saying goodbye. Then my flight out of DFW was delayed for several hours due to maintenance and weather in the SF area. But it ended good b/c I did get to see Will Forte in the airport.

We've agreed that we are going to start a tradition of 3 or 4 day weekend trips for the women on a yearly basis also!!!

Please note: NOLA has no restrictions on public drinking. Everywhere we went, I had a drink in my hand.

Please also note: Blondie, we should move to NOLA b/c of this.


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