Monday, September 24, 2007

Go {various football teams} go!

Seriously, these last 2 weeks have been just brilliant for football. UK is now ranked #14, Wisconsin ranked #9, Packers are 3-0. It's been a fun last few weeks, watching the games! GO PACK GO! Ramble girl ramble!

After our booze-fest at Sweetie J's on Thurs, Blondie and I took it eassssssssssy on Friday. We met up at the gym for a workout, which actually succeeded in getting rid of the headache that I had ALL DAY LONG. Saturday, we went for our Bikram, and then the weather was all yucky and rainy, so we decided it was football watching weather and nothing else!!! We were joined by Party C, and ended up drinking a ton of wine and beer, while partaking in the football games (oh yes, go Spartans!)

Sunday, Blondie and I were too queasy to run, so we just headed to the Fest in our hood for a bit, and then caught the train to Inner Sunset to watch our beloved Brett whip up on some Chargers. We ended up watching the game surrounded by Chargers fans, but the guys were fantastic, and never once were mean, and we ended up all laughing throughout most of the game. I will be supporting the Chargers after this week (unless they play the Pack again), just because of how nice their fans are.

Today it is GORGEOUS outside. I went for a run this morning, and just enjoyed the fresh air. Too bad it's Monday though - that tends to ruin everything.


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