Monday, September 17, 2007

Wondering about something...

How come the 2 days of the weekend take about 3 hours and they are done, but the 5 days of the work week take 20 years to complete? Anyone who can answer this (or anyone who can possibly reverse this trend - 20 years for the weekend, 3 hours for the work week) - please let me know.

Maybe it would feel like the work week went faster if I did what I do on the weekends.

For instance:

FRIDAY: Pedicures with Party C! GORGEOUS! Blondie meeting us for pitchers at Kezar! BUENO! Blondie and Yours Truly eating dinner at the Burger to da Meister! TASTY! More beer at Finny's! EVEN MORE BUENO! Collapsing with pints of ice cream afterwards - PRICELESS!

SATURDAY: Phone call from Party C that started the drinking train off at 11 am (Go UK! Go Badgers!), and then drinking all day until time to go back to coworker's BBQ/booze fest, where we kept drinking. Which meant a 12 hour day of drinking.

SUNDAY: Back on the drinking train at 10 am (GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO!). Staying on the drinking train until late afternoon. Power napping for a bit. Ordering way too much Chinese food for dinner.

As opposed to MONDAY: work; TUES: work; WED: work; THURS: work; FRI: work.

Hmmm - I think I just solved the question I posed above. That's why 5 days of work takes 20 years to complete.


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Brad Thompson said...

Sounds like a good argument for the three-martini lunch...