Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The invasion....

IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!! The Blondie-Clan and Brother R and Shugs are all descending on SF this weekend to have some fun, do some touristy things, and hang out with Yours Truly and Blondie! Brother R starts it off (arriving tonight), followed tomorrow by the entire B-Clan, followed Friday night by Shugs! Can't wait to see you guys!

The weekend was a much needed break from the office.

Friday, we started things off by blowing off our plans to see a movie (Spider-pig, spider-pig, doing whatever a spider-pig does), instead hitting Zeitgeist with my coworkers. We drank our butts off. But it was a blast! Blondie always fits in well with everyone, and he was making new friends all over the place!

Saturday, we went running and then had a picnic in our beloved dog park again. We got some snacky-type foods and spent the rest of the day holed up in front of our TV. We did get to watch "Zodiac" - which was actually an incredible movie. Very hard to tear yourself away from, and contrary to what Blondie called it, it's not a "scary movie".

Sunday we did some Bikram in the morning, and then went to our friends apartment for some homemade Pakistani grub (Porn King and Girlfriend J). They had a couple of other friends over too. In what is rapidly becoming a typical SF thing for me, I had a major coincidence happen with one of Porn King's friends. She mentioned that she happens to work for the "Despised Old Job" company (DOJC). I was like "whoa!". BUT, it gets better. Not only does she still work for the DOJC, she also transferred from the DFW office. BUT, even better than that, she was in the original building I was in when I worked there!!! We started about a month apart, worked in the same building for 7 months, both transferred to the new building, and both ended up telling DOJC that we were moving to SF. BUT BUT BUT, she also used to live in Dallas, and where she lived was 1 block from where I used to live in Dallas. And where she lives in SF, is about 4 blocks from where we currently live. HOW DOES THIS KIND OF THING HAPPEN?

Monday, we took an easy day. We didn't do anything but grocery shop. But it was such a nice end to the weekend.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! See the B-Clan, Brother R, and Shugs shortly!


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Brad Thompson said...

That's a serious bunch of coincidences there. Weeeird.