Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lahhhhh lahhhh lahhhhh....

I'll start by getting it out of the way - it's been an insane few days again with work. I had to work at 4 am on Sunday, and have a 2:30 am start tomorrow morning. It makes me want to cry a little, especially b/c, as we all know, I don't really like my job.

At least I had a good Friday and Saturday to make up for the crap Sunday.

I joined Blondie on Friday afternoon in the Inner Sunset to just tool around for awhile. I needed new running shoes, and that's where my running shop is so we just met up and hung out. We stopped afterwards and picked up some movies and some hummus and went home and just snacked all night long.

Saturday we ran some errands in the morning before stopping at Walgreens, which was a mistake b/c I went down the candy aisle and of course had to by a candy bar and some Nerds. After that it was over to Say Cheese for the yumminess that is their sandwiches. Sigh.

Other than that though, one word can describe Blondie and I right now = "Lame".


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