Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trying to be grateful...

I'm having a slow day (and I'm probably just about to jinx myself). And by slow day, I don't mean it as "Boy, Yours Truly is sure moving slow. I sent her email 3 hours ago and she hasn't responded". I mean it as "Boy, can someone send me email so I can do something?" (But not really).

We had a massive upgrade to one our systems at work happen last week, and then it was someone's 2 week vacation this week and next, which left me to handle all questions that arose after the upgrade (this is something I've worked on previously, but never in the capacity or manner needed for these types of questions). I spent Monday and Tuesday with my stomach in knots, but have managed to answer most questions thus far. I did have to call the person on vacation for clarification on something, but other than that, I've handled okay.

My stomach feels much better today thankfully.

So, tonight, if everything stays quiet, I'm going to actually go out with my coworkers for a happy hour! I'm a little nervous because I've not spent time with this group socially (i.e. outside the office), but am looking forward to fitting in a little better here.

Not much else is going on. Blondie and I continued with Bikram yesterday and today, but will be taking tomorrow off to sleep in an extra hour (going to be needed after a few drinks tonight) and run. I'm excited about Labor Day weekend coming up, although it ends Friday hours here (half day Fridays every week which you don't have to make up time on).

In exciting news, I have some travel plans finally! I have tickets in my possession to take me and Blondie back to the Land o' Tobbaco, Whiskey, and Horse Farms to see my baby Bro, Mr Pooh, get his 4.0 MBA degree! He graduated in June, but his graduation ceremony isn't until October (who thought this up???)

And Blondie and I will be making the trek north (hopefully) for Thanksgiving to Spokane to see my aunt and uncle - they will be moving out over Labor Day weekend. It will be good to spend Thanksgiving with family again. Blondie is also thinking about a trek back to the Land o' Cheese for the weekend before Thanksgiving to get in some fam-time also.

And I've swallowed (no jokes please) about 4 liters of water already today (Bikram, you kill me. In a good way), so the bladder is at the breaking point. Which makes it time to end this insanely boring, rambling post.


P.S. A shout out (AGAIN) to the Mississippi Queen - who not only rehabbed her knee in about 2 weeks time, but also started physical activity in her first week of PT! GO WC!

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Mississippi Queen You Know What I Mean said...

I *really* wish I could do bikram with you. Do you think my neighbors will think I'm crazy if I just do yoga in the front yard in 107 degree weather? Would that count as bikram?!