Monday, August 20, 2007

Still being boring...

Blondie and I had a really nice weekend. It was semi-low key, semi-not low key which is exactly what we needed.

I got stuck working until almost midnight on Friday night. It really really sucked. But, we managed to convince the fabulous Shelby Shelbs and Mr Bbbb to join us for some sitting in front of the TV, playing Wii, while periodically checking in on what I was working on. Friday night also introduced us to the best video ever: "These shoes suck!" Go to YouTube, and search for "Kelly loves shoes". You won't regret it.

Saturday morning, Blondie and I hit some Bikram and then had a picnic in the dog park afterwards. We split a Say Cheese sandwich (super yummy goodness) and a Say Cheese 7-layer bar (super super yummy goodness). Afterwards, we did a few errands, and then headed home to konk out for a bit. Saturday night saw our first Texas visitors!!!! A friend of Shaun's drove across country with his wife, his sister and his sister's boyfriend. They stayed with us on Saturday night, and we hit the bar. Or rather, they hit the bar (including Blondie). Yours truly had 1 beer, and declared herself DONE.

On Sunday, I hit my goal - 30 Bikram classes in 30 days. It felt SO GOOD!!!! I honestly feel like I accomplished something big. I met up with Shaun and his Texas friends for some brunch, and then they went to do the "touristy thing" (as we like to call it). Blondie showed back up around 7:30 pm, and we kind of lazed in front of the couch watching bad TV, until 8:45 pm, and then we went to bed.

I reached my Bikram goal, so I'm going to cut back down to 4 classes a week. Today, being my first day off, I slept in until 7 am, and then went for a 3 mile run (run/walk but mostly walking to be honest) around the panhandle. Blondie came and did 4.5 miles with me! It felt really good not exercising inside - and my body (while still bad at running) did not revolt like it used to do. It just kind of ran when it could, walked when it couldn't run anymore, and didn't get pissed at itself like previous.

My last thoughts on Bikram, and what has changed for me since starting.
30 classes - 30 days; 4 days of watching what I ate before I started Bikram (34 days total):
1) 19 lbs gone (not a joke).
2) The dry skin that I had around my nose is completely gone.
3) My scalp has NO trace of dry skin anymore.
4) The tiny bumps I had on the back of my arms and legs are gone.
5) My fingernails have sprouted and NOT split (I can't tell you the last time this has happened). As a matter of fact, it's hard to take out my contacts b/c of how long and strong they are right now.
6) My twitchy back is gone. Not a sign of pain in the last 2 weeks.
7) My neck problems are gone. Not a sign of pain in the last 3 weeks.
8) I regularly sleep through the night, all the way through.
9) My "despised old job" buddies will get a kick out of this - someone stopped me at work last Thurs and told me I was a "peaceful soul" and it was refreshing to have that at work.
10) And on a silly note - I fell down the steps in the apartment complex on Friday morning and landed flat on my back. I have a giant bruise - but, I was able to go about my business, without serious pain. I know if this had happened prior to Bikram, I would've been flat out for several days.

Loving life today.



Brad Thompson said...

You're a rock star - I'm in awe! (Actually, you're way better than a rock star, because rock stars drink a lot of rye whiskey and aren't healthy at all...)

Good job!

Brad Thompson said...

I know this is a couple days late but CONGRATS. You are such an inspiration to stick with something. Teach me the way, please? And I love that you have been identified as a "peaceful soul". That's SO California. So California that it's like you're meant to stay here.... FOREVER? :)

PS Those shoes are MINE, betch.

Brad Thompson said...

oops that comment was shelbs ha.