Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blondie's Back!!!!

Yay! Blondie returned home from the land o' cheese yesterday morning!!! Yours Truly had missed him and was sooo glad to see him yesterday! Not only did Blondie get up ridiculously early in the land o' cheese timeframe to make his flight, he still decided to meet up with me for lunch so we could see each other! I had gotten permission from my boss also to work from home after, so we took a relaxing lunch for sandwiches and salads, and then made our way home.

Our lunch was extremely small (small, small, small), so we got hungry early. Both of us wanted seafood last night. Majorly. So we decided to walk down to our fav seafood place in the Castro district - Anchor Oyster House. All the way down the hill we talked about what we were going to eat (remember last time - the dungenes crab? how good it was? Oh, how about the clam chowder??? The cedar plank salmon???), only to get to the restaurant to find it closed until the end of the month. I guess they shut down for vacation every year.

We were standing there bummed out, thinking maybe we'd walk down a few blocks to another seafood restaurant, and then a woman passing by gave us a tip. We ended up right on Market Street at a place called The Catch, right in the front (open-air patio), eating incredible lobster risotto and scallops.

After our dinner, we hit my favorite shoe store in the 'stro for SHOE SHOPPING!!!! De la Sole - we LOVE you! $400 lighter, 2 pairs of shoes each heavier, we headed home.

This morning, Blondie rejoined the Bikram class (first time in almost 2 weeks). He did incredible! He's looking a little sleepy right now, but it's so cute.

I have the day off because my work had an offsite fun day which I chose to skip. I have big plans in my future today - a facial this afternoon, pedis with Party C this evening, and dinner with Blondie to cap off my night!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Hope Sis and Brother R managed to celebrate their birthdays in style! Mr Pooh's big birthday is coming up in 6 days (the big 3-0), so that's something to look forward to. And I understand Dan in Fondy just celebrated a birthday yesterday too (so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!)


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