Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Misc things coming your way...

First things first: Good news! Brother R and Shugs are finally coming out to SF for a visit! Brother R's company needs him out here for a few days in early Sept, and Shugs is coming along for a visit too! They will be here the same weekend as the Blondie-Clan. It is going to be a BLAST!

It's been a fun few days y'all! (Hitting the TX roots again there). Here's what has been going on.

It started out great! I hit my Bikram again, and got home to the message from Brother R letting me know he was coming out for a visit! I went into work in a great mood, only to have it slapped away - the day blew. I won't go into details, but when I got off work, I went to meet Blondie at the gym. In a bad mood already, I go in, hand my gym card to the front desk girl, only to have her tell me my membership was terminated.

After I went OFF on this poor kid (maybe 18?), she got the manager - I repeated my rants: been a member for 7 years, it's on auto-pay so I KNOW I'm paid up, just want to work out, wah wah way. The manager did a little research, and oops (shamed face). Yours Truly lost her debit card in March and had to cancel it and get a new one. The same debit card that had been paying my gym for 7 years. The gym that Yours Truly never once thought to call and update info. The gym that Yours Truly has (obviously) not been to since March. Tee hee!

After that fiasco, they got me re-setup, and I was on my way to an awesome work out!!!

That night, Blondie and Yours Truly met up with the gang at the bar. All of us were out - Porn King, Girlfriend J, Party C, WonderButt, and the Sisters C. We had a blast. Yours truly crashed around 11 pm, but Blondie strolled (stumbled, crawled) in around 2:30 am.

I went for an awesome run on Saturday morning with Blondie (Bikram has not only improved my mood, it has improved everything about my body - including cardio strength). Then we had a date day, which involved a beer and some lunch downtown, followed by the movie "SuperBad" and book shopping. We ended our night with a giant salad and small pizza, and just enjoyed each other's company.

I went to Bikram without Blondie. He has come down with a nasty summer cold/allergies and is feeling horrible. Afterwards, we met up with Shelby Shelbs and Bbbb for the Giants vs. Brewers game! Blondie was rooting for his beloved Brewers, but par for the course with us and the Giants, the Giants won.

MONDAY: I went for another awesome run on Monday and made the command decision that I will indeed be attempting my half-marathon in October. I had contemplated selling my bib, but I'm now confident that I will at least be able to finish this thing. I might be *extremely* slow, but I don't care - I just want to say I did it.

Also on Monday, the president of my company invited a few of us out for drinks/dinner on him next week to thank us for a job well done on an earlier release. It makes me feel good - I had a hard time when I started my job, but I feel like I'm finally settling in.

And that's the news. Here's hoping Blondie feels better soon!!!!


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