Thursday, August 23, 2007

A present for Yours Truly...

Blondie owns a Garmin watch - it's a watch, with builtin GPS, that tracks mileage and time. When we went running on Monday, Blondie wore it. I was able to guesstimate my time based on when he finished (he did 4.5 miles in about 30 seconds more than it took me to do 3 miles :), but normally I don't wear one, and haven't cared that much about it.

The reason why is this:

You can punch in your zip code, narrow down the map, and put in your own running routes that tell you how far you are going (complete with mile markers!)

Today, Blondie is sick. He has a bad sore throat, so he doped himself up this morning and wasn't able to run with me. He let me borrow his watch. I LOVED IT! It was really motivating to look at the watch, and instead of stopping, pushing myself for that next .1 miles or .05 miles or heck, 5 seconds. I still do love my site above, and think it's a better invention than the Double Decker Taco (my fav thing evah!), but the watch rocked.

So of course, I had to have one. Yay! Watch is on it's way!

In other news, my HH last night was a lot of fun! I feel like I really got to talk to people I don't normally get to see, and even ended up riding my train home with the new manager over development!

In other other news, Shugs (aka Carmy Carms - she needed a shorter nickname) has done an amazing color on her hair and is now a reddish brunette! I LOVE IT! It's making me seriously think about chopping off this mop and getting a color other than "blah" put on it!


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