Saturday, December 12, 2009

A trip...

Blondie and I are off to NYC tomorrow morning for 5 days. I am SO EXCITED about this - I can't wait to see the city, hear what Blondie thinks, and also check out where I would be working if we do make this move. Our hotel is a really cute one, super close to Rockefeller Center, so we will definitely be checking out the Xmas tree also.

I got my hippy dippy hair cut off for this trip - it's back to shoulder length now instead of 3/4 the way down my back. I'm also going to get my eyebrows waxed today.

Not much else has been going on - I've been offered a promotion to a mgmt position at my company, it's obviously contingent on if I don't take the job in NYC. And work holiday parties were this past week - my work threw one Tuesday in the basement of our bldg, and then on Wed it was off with some friends for a few drinks, and then on Thurs, my boss threw one at his house.

MUNI went down on Wed also in the city - the underground trains were shut down completely in both directions. You know how bad it sucks to have to take a crammed full bus down Market St and the ride that normally takes 11 mins total, takes 40 mins? Yeah. Boo hoo.

Blondie has been making improvements almost daily to his site - it's zooming along and he has more fans than ever for it!!!! GO BLONDIE!!!!

Keeping sis in my thoughts - hope your "break the nose" surgery goes well on Thurs!


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