Sunday, July 10, 2011

Attack of the mosquitos

The 4th turned out to be pretty awesome. I made the decision to start Insanity month 2, instead of doing month 1 again. So last Monday morning, I did my first day of month 2. And about threw up. I was literally so soaked with sweat, that when I was holding myself in plank, not only was sweat running off my face, it was also dripping off my t-shirt where it had pulled away from my body.

After Insanity, I decided I could drink a beer (at 10:30 am). It was the most relaxing thing I've done. Blondie got his workout in, and then we decided to take off to our bar for lunch and beers. I think our waiter was bored, because between him and the bartender, they decided they didn't want us to leave. We had a lot of rounds bought for us, including shots. And naturally, we had to buy them a shot too.

We finally got out of the bar (4 hours after we showed up) and headed him to pass out for awhile. A 3 hour nap later and I felt pretty good and it was time to watch the show. We headed out onto our patio, split some margaritas, and had the best view of the fireworks. They truly are amazing. I got the chills from watching them, and then told Blondie "New York is the best city in the world!"

The important thing to note is that while we were watching the fireworks on the patio we left our patio door cracked slightly.

So Tuesday morning I woke up and had 2 mosquito bites down the back of my arm. I react very weirdly to mosquito bites and knew I was headed for an arm that looked like I had gotten beaten up (for a radius of 3 times the size of the bite, the skin puffs up bright red, and then it goes to a dark bruise). But the worst was on Tuesday night, I was sleeping and something woke me up. As I was lying there trying to figure it out, I realized that everytime I blinked I could feel my eyes getting puffy. So I ran into the bathroom, and my left eye looked like I'd been punched and my right cheek was swelling up monstrously big. I ran back into the bedroom and shook Blondie awake and just kept saying "something's wrong with my face!!!!" (hahahahah - too true). Blondie went with me back to the mirror and he was finally able to find the bites - all down the side of my face. It was also when I realized my arms had been attacked and my thighs had been attacked too. I have about 20 mosquito bites right now that are slowly going away. We've killed 3 mosquitos in the house since Tuesday and I'm hoping that we finally got them all. And my face has finally started to go back to normal.

The work week itself was some suckage. The A/C went out at work on Tuesday but we all still had to stay in the office. It was back on for Wednesday at least. And my program finally got ourselves a "real" testing environment - we're trying to work out the kinks in it so that we can finally start using it. Yay - only 6 months late (seriously).

Friday I got off earlier and I went and met Blondie for some BBQ at JT's restaurant. Afterwards, we headed up towards Central Park before stopping at a bar and sitting in the front windows and people watching the day away. Yesterday we did NOTHING. I've been exhausted - Insanity month 2 is killing me, and I have a sleep pattern that is easily disturbed for any reason and work stress this week has done it in for me.

So this was week 1 of month 2 of Insanity. And it's fucking ridiculous. Pardon the language, but no other adjective can possibly be put in front of "ridiculous" to describe this program. I can tell you this though - I'm doing guy push-ups for the first time in my life. And they are okay to do. And my batwings (underarm flab) has decreased like crazy.

Today I might go run, or I might give myself a rest day. My body is tired. But I like keeping 1 day a week for running. I'll decide sometime, or I won't, and the day will be over and my decision will be made by default.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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