Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visitors, Birthdays, and Working Out (yet again)

Halloween week was ok (good, not good, which averages out to ok). Being back at work really kind of sucked. And since the first day I was back was Halloween, there was candy *everywhere*. I didn't even eat real food that day, just the candy that was lying around. It was disgusting. NYC at Halloween is kind of cool though - everywhere I went that day (subway stations, different parts of town, etc) there were a ton of people dressed up in costume. Blondie and I didn't go out that night b/c Blondie had a doctor's appt the next day.

The doctor's appt was an MRI - his primary doctor sent him on b/c they can't get a grip on what's causing the pain in his neck and arm.

Wednesday was my birthday and as soon as I woke up, I knew I wasn't going to be in the right mood for the day. From looking in the mirror and seeing a blob staring back, to the grey hairs that have invaded my head, to the fact that I loathe the job (at least I know now what I want to do - Broadway - but I still have no clue how to break into anything like that), I was a wreck. I did my best to be quiet and not wake Blondie so I could get out of the house without crying, but he caught me on my way out.

I kept my mood at work upbeat that day but felt like I was dying on the inside. It wasn't until I got home that night, and Blondie took me out for mexican, and then we went for several drinks and I talked to my BFF in the world TT, that I started to feel normal again.

And then on Thursday, Dirty Sanchez (he of crazy Vegas luck experience - see Feb 2007 blog posts) showed up!!! He's into a metal group who had a concert in NYC that Saturday so he decided to come up for the weekend. He came in early that day and him and Blondie toured around the city, and I met them along with my bar friends for trivia and dinner that night. I'm proud to report that team "Occupy Your Mom" came in 1st place, winning a $50 gift certificate to the bar.

Friday, Blondie and Dirty Sanchez went touring again, and I met them that night for drinks and dinner (at the bar, yes again). Many drinks later, we came home and crashed out to movies. Saturday it was lunch at "5 Napkin Burger" before drinks in our hood. We came home and lazed about the afternoon, before the guys took off for "MetalSuck Fest"! I had my own evening, and met my bar friends for some drinks before enjoying the rest of the night watching crappy TV and eating buffalo chicken dip.

And on Sunday, it was off for brunch before mixing many mimosas and then sending Dirty Sanchez on a train to Newark Airport. We took the opportunity to eat a shit-ton of Taco Bell since we were in Penn Station.

Monday I woke up, and as I poked my belly, I realized that all my talk about working out again was leading nowhere, and I just needed to pull my head out of my ass and DO THIS. So I did. It's not been easy, but I've forced my way through workouts this week - it usually takes about 2-3 weeks for me, so I have a couple more "ugh" weeks facing me but then should be back in the groove.

On Monday, I started out the week by doing one of my Insanity discs. The day ended up being a really long one (as in addition to working out, I also was trying to cut out the gummy bear fix I have - there is a free gummy bear machine at work, and I eat out of it 10 times a day 5-10 bears at a time). Also, I had a late meeting which was a disaster, and ran way over - and I got back to my desk to Blondie calling.

His uncle had lost his battle with cancer that day - I loved his uncle Steve. This guy was crazy, so much fun and always joking around. We didn't see him much, but when we did, it was always nothing but laughter. My deepest condolences go out to the G-Clan at this time.

Tuesday I did another Insanity disc (and thoroughly whipped my legs and butt into a frenzy).

And on Tuesday, Blondie also got the results of his MRI - which is a herniated disc in his neck along with the pinched nerve - fabulous combination. He's on rounds of steroid shots right now, as they try to figure out what the pain will respond to. Last resort is surgery, and we are hope hope hoping like crazy it doesn't boil down to that.

Wednesday I did a 3.1 mile run/walk (2 min run, 2 min walk) as I tried to ease my body back into running for the first time in 4 weeks or so. It went pretty well, and my legs, although uber sore, responded quite nicely to the movement. Wednesday I did lunch with a friend which made the day feel super fast too - always a good combo.

Thursday was a 30 Day Shred disc and then some Tabata interval training (where I completely kicked my shoulders, chest and abs into failure). And then Thursday night, a former coworker was back in town so we met her at Koreatown for soju, beer, and korean food into the night - a drunk me rolled home around 1 am, having only nibbled at the food while constantly pouring alcohol down my throat.

Which gave me Friday as a rest day ;) Work felt like it together forever to get through - I just felt drained all day long. I got home that night and Blondie cooked up some raviolis for me and we just crashed in front of the TV. And then he told me that he had talked to his brother, and his brother's family is expecting their 3rd baby in June. Congrats to D&MG! That will make us 9 for nieces and nephews across both families - looking forward to meeting TCKITWv9.0!

Yesterday I convinced Blondie to try a light workout, so he did Precor for 20 mins or so before hanging out in the sauna for awhile to try and ease his arm pain. I did a 65 minute workout on the treadmill - running and walking. It's going to take 2-3 weeks to get back to fully running, and I'm sad that I took all that workout time off. However, looking at the bright side of things, I'm glad I nipped this in the bud before it got any worse. I've only gained 10 lbs, so it's not bad at all - and already just watching my food intake and working out this week, my pants are comfortable again.

Today I have nothing - I did a P90X Precor DVD and some tabata, we had our food delivered for the week. I have to run to the drugstore, but that's it. It's overcast outside, so another low-key day for me.

Some things coming up for me: 1) TDay parade in NYC - Blondie and I are walking the Pikachu balloon, so watch out for us! 2) NYC Half Marathon in March 2012 (yes, this is a ways off) - Mr Pooh and I are still planning on running this, and I want to go below 2:30:00 this time (my PR was in May at 2:35:57). 3) Potential Tough Mudder in KY in October 2012. Mr Pooh is running his Tough Mudder next weekend (GOOOOO POOOOOOOOOH!) and if he likes it, we're going to look at doing the TM next year as a team. We need others to join (cough, Brother R, Blondie, Mrs Pooh, Shugs) to finish our team, so holler if you are interested!


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