Saturday, December 22, 2012

Does syrup have sugar in it?

Tuesday night was an all-around amazing night. I ended up taking the subway from work down to the lower east side, and met up with Blondie, and my work BFF (who had the day off) and his wife. We went for dinner at Wylie Dufresne's restaurant - WD 50. It was my work BFF's bday so we wanted to celebrate in style.

The restaurant was beautiful but casual which I loved - you felt like you could talk, and didn't have to whisper, and the waiters wore jeans, so showing up in my business casual was totally fine. We had a 6 pm reservation and had no sooner sat down then we saw Wylie Dufresne in the kitchen. I geeked out a little because for awhile, I was obsessed with Top Chef including their master's edition which he was on.

We all ended up doing the 12 course tasting menu, and I did a wine pairing with my meals. It was incredible - there were so many dishes that I would go back and eat - including pho gras; veal tartar; squab; wagyu beef. OMG. And since it was 12 course, the bites were small enough to give you a taste but not too big to overwhelm you. And some of the wine pairings were off-the-hook good - I even took a copy of the wine list so I could look into getting some of the bottles I loved.

4 hours later, without even realizing it had taken 4 hours, we got to go back to the kitchen and meet Chef Dufresne on our way out. He was very nice and very pleasant, and when I said how good our waiter was (because he was awesome), Chef Dufresne cracked a joke about "you don't know him that well". I laughed my ass off. And to give me credit, I wasn't all like "TOP CHEF!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU RULE!"

Wednesday a coworker and I headed out for lunch - we went out so I could buy my boss a xmas gift, and ended up wandering around our area for awhile before sitting down for a meal. It made the day go really really fast. And Thursday, my boss' boss took her direct reports out for a late lunch which they weren't coming back from. So as soon as that crew was out the door at 2, my friends came by and we took off for a late long lunch also.

Thursday night, I decided to walk home and halfway there, my bar friends texted to come meet up for 1 last visit before holiday. I called Blondie who was still at work and pretty busy, but said he join up when he could. The bar that night was a blast. Everyone was in a good mood, and my bar friends decided to buy a round of "doomsday shots" for the group - we were trying to decide what a good doomsday shot would be, when our bartender came up with the idea that everyone who was doing the shot (8 of us - 6 locals, our bartender, the waitress) would put in their favorite liquor and we'd mix them together and do a combined shot - his reasoning was that if we were going out on Friday, we'd go out drinking what we love.

Our shot ended up being a mix of jaeger, jose cuervo, malibu, gin, patron silver, tullamore dew (me), cheap white wine, and then one of the guys took pity and said his favorite drinks were orange juice and cranberry juice. And the shot ruled. We have no idea how it turned out so good, but it did.

Right after the shot, Blondie showed up to the bar. I was all whooping when he walked in because the night was so good. He took off his jacket, and I started laughing - he had gotten swag from his corporate job! A really nice hoodie which made me a bit jealous - I've gotten a ton of t-shirts from places I've worked, but I love hoodies and have never gotten one of those. He started catching up with everyone, when my bar friends all of a sudden, gave us gifts.

I love my bar friends - they are both awesome people, and the gifts were spot on. I got a 5 lb gummy bear that's as big as my head (and my ass after I eat it). And they gave Blondie a toaster that toasts the Green Bay Packer logo on your bread! We already told them what we were going to give them - which is bringing back cheese curds from (appropriately) The Land of Cheese. But then Blondie also came up with another idea that night, so we'll do that also.

Yesterday was spent being hung over. I went to lunch with a friend again, said goodbye to my best female friend who had quit, and then we got sent home early for the day. Which was good. I spent last night being extremely lazy. But now today I've got to pack up for our trip.

No workouts again. I'm enjoying holiday right now. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it. Until I eat that 5 lb gummy bear - then I'll feel guilty.

Happy Holidays.

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