Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heat Wave

First let's start with some amazing-ness that I left off my last blog post; on July 3rd, Blondie and our bar friends hit up a cabaret club in the lower east side to see a show done to Ziggy Stardust! We went for dinner and then stayed for the show, which featured all different variations of David Bowie songs and looks (not really cabaret-y but still awesome-y). There were some cabaret pieces of the show, but the highlight had to be the male pole dancer. It was honestly the most incredible display of athleticism I've seen - my female bar friend and I were like "oh holy hell that is *insane*", but Blondie and my male bar friend were blown away by the sax that blew flames. A great night all around!

And back to this past week... which was the grossest hottest week I've lived through.

Let's start with the fact that I love being able to walk to my job. I don't pay for subway, I don't pay for car, I don't pay for insurance. I just walk (and sweat). And then the temps exploded this week to where it would be 97 with 40% humidity. Every single day I came into the office today, I had sweat streaking down my arms and legs. Just running down them like I was in the shower. Ewww.

Work was pretty good overall this week - my projects are in full force go-mode, and I think I'm about to get a 4th one dropped on my plate so the week was fast to say the least. I got my performance review on Friday, and it went really well. The president of the company had sent out a note saying "this is the percentage of people who are going to get each rank" which I thought was weird. I have no doubts that companies ahead of time will say "x% of people get the lowest grade, and so on" but I had no idea that any company would ever send that out to employees. Anyway, because they sent that email, I know where I fit in terms of the company and I'm happy about it.

Blondie and I hit up our local bar on Wednesday night. It's literally been too hot to cook, so I kind of melted my way to the bar for cold beers followed closely by Blondie. We sat and chatted with our bar friends for a long time before we decided to eat at the bar so we didn't have to figure out what else to do for dinner. Then Blondie headed on home while I had a mini dance party at the bar with one of my friends. We left around 10:30 that night to head home and it was still disgusting out.

Yesterday Blondie and I both did a really long workout - we thought we would leave the house afterwards and wander, but again, the heat was intense. So we both just crashed out, ordered in some food, and took it easy all day. Today I've got to make a prescription run, do a workout, get our groceries, and get a pedicure. But the heat is starting to break, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

Workouts were as good as they could be this week - the a/c in our gym is busted, so they just have some standing fans in there right now. Every workout you do feels 20x harder than normal because of this.
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2 mile run in 23:38; weights
Wednesday: brick - 5 miles on bike in 19:10 (2 mins level 8, 4 mins level 12); 5 min cooldown; .5 mile run at 6.0 mph; 5 min cooldown
Thursday: 2 mile run in 24:30; weights
Friday: 28 mins on Precor weight loss program; 5 min cooldown; weights
Saturday: 65 mins on treadmill - 5.02 miles total (way worse than last week - much less distance covered; felt awful - thanks no air conditioning!)
Today: Going to just lift some weights I believe.


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