Sunday, November 24, 2013

And away we go

Really good, really busy week. It's holiday time, and that means my weeks are about to be jam packed. I love it - I hate holidays but I love having a lot of stuff to do.

Last Sunday, Blondie and I met up with one of our bar friends to watch the Saints / SF game - we hit up our "nacho bar" and spent an hour-ish there, before my SF friend called. She had landed and was ready to come out! We left the "nacho bar" - it's always super crowded and loud - and headed to our local, where we caught up with her for a bit. Then Blondie headed home, but her and I headed to poison bar to finish watching the SNF game - I think I got home around midnight. I hadn't seen this friend in a long time, so it was really good getting to catch up with her.

Monday I woke up with a massive headache - I went to work anyway, and it just got progressively worse throughout the morning. Around lunchtime, both eyes were teared up b/c my head hurt so bad, so I finally went home and doped myself up and went straight to bed for 3 hours. It was Tuesday afternoon though before my head finally felt 100% better.

Wednesday was an excellent day. Back in August, David Sedaris listed Carnegie Hall as one of his tour stops, so I bought me and Blondie tickets, and the show was that day. I was excited all day long for this - I've read his work for YEARS now, so getting to see him in person was fantastic. I decided to "pre-show" with some of my work friends, so Blondie came and joined us - it's freezing in NYC right now, but we decided to do a rooftop bar anyway and actually had a really good time. After drinks, Blondie and I walked up to Carnegie Hall and laughed our way through the show. David Sedaris talked for 1 hour, 45 minutes, but time went so fast that when he ended, I was a little pissed b/c I literally thought it had only been 30 minutes or so.

Thursday I met up with my old boss and 2 coworkers for dinner and drinks. I walked back over to my old side of town after work let out, and met them at a mexican restaurant for margaritas. Dinner was a lot of fun - there is massive upheaval at my old job (my old VP quit, and my old boss and my BFF from work were both in the running for the role) so listening to them talk about it all made me so happy I don't work there anymore. After a really long dinner, we hit up BXL for some beers and finishing up the night. I got home around 2 am, which is a super late night for me anymore.

And Friday... oh Friday. I had planned a team offsite, with my boss' permission, for Friday afternoon. We've had a bit of downtime lately at my job so I thought we could take advantage of it. So I got to work a little early so that I wouldn't feel guilty leaving early, but then my friends and I decided to hit up Momofuku Milk Bar for Thanksgiving croissants. Unfortunately they had sold out already, but that was an hour walking up, then getting coffee, and then walking back. Then I did lunch with some friends and was gone for another hour. And then I came back to find out that the downtime period had ended - we had gotten permission to go full force again (long story, won't bore with details). And to celebrate this news, they had scheduled an impromptu company happy hour at the same place I had scheduled our team offsite.

My team went ahead and went up early though to the bar - we got there about 1.5 hours before everyone else. And then the party started. It was just a lot of laughing and fun, a lot of relief to be honest. And then my boss popped by around 7 pm, and asked me to fly to McAllen, TX, for a few days to help assist with a project down there (not mine, but the PM on it is already on vacation). McAllen is on the TX / Mexico border so it is FAR SOUTH. I said I could do it, so I'm off this afternoon for 2 days (back on Tuesday). The party ended around 11 pm on Friday night and I headed home, ate dinner, said hi to Blondie and went straight to bed.

Yesterday was also an awesome day - I had to head back to work to pick up my laptop for my trip. Then I met Blondie and one of my bar friends to see "The Winslow Boy" on Broadway - she had gotten comped tickets, so we didn't have to pay. It was a really great play - it surrounds a young kid in 1914 England who gets kicked out of military academy for stealing - and the aftermath and how is family dealt with it. It was a serious play but with just enough funny one-liners to make it not feel like a drag. After the play, we headed back to our local and met up with all our friends for a few drinks to end our day.

Today I was up and at 'em early. I had to do a ton of laundry so I can actually take my work trip today and have clean clothes. I have to leave in a few hours for the airport (9 hours of traveling on planes ahead of me - joy). The good news is that my flight back is all 1st class. The bad news is I don't want to go anywhere today. It's cold here and the cat is curled up with me, and I just want to stay like that all day long.


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