Sunday, December 08, 2013

See Last Week's Title

I'm coming off a very busy, very emotional week. Yay you - you get to read about it.

I met my coworkers last Sunday night at the office to leave for NJ/PA border from there. We met around 6:30 pm and were out to where we were staying around 8 pm. We immediately went for dinner and started planning out our work days so that we wouldn't be fumbling on Monday. And went to the site on Monday - to find out that we had more than fumbled already. Details are work specific so I won't go into them, but Monday was the start of a horrible week.

We recovered slightly on Tuesday - we went in, did a demo which went well, and then dug back into the work we were there for. We had a small project launch to support on Tuesday also, so I split the team up and took the more senior members with me for that, and left the junior members on the other stuff. That went extremely well which was nice - so we left the site on Tuesday on a high. We also sent back half the team on Tuesday as we finished the bulk of the work we were there to do.

While at dinner on Tuesday night, an email got sent out from someone who had been at the site on Monday - again, work details. But it threw us into a complete tailspin. We debated about what to do with the email (as it had been sent to a really small group) and ended up forwarding it on - and asking our bosses to jump in. I got back to the hotel that night, and when I called Blondie, as soon as I heard his voice, the water works started. So much stuff has happened that I don't talk about on the blog in regards to work, and it all kind of came together on Tuesday night, and once I started crying, I couldn't stop. Poor Blondie - that guy had to listen to me for an hour; but I'm glad he did because I felt loads better when I hung up the phone.

Wednesday was a lot better - work was back on track, and the 3rd party company decided to hold a meeting on Friday which meant we didn't have to be onsite on Friday. And Thursday we went in, hauled ass through the day, and got out at a reasonable time. Traffic back to NYC was fairly light, and I was home by 4:15 pm.

Friday was my first office day in about 2 weeks - it went super fast, so much stuff to do. I have this project I'm on now, and a new one gearing up, so it was a go-go-go day. I ended up talking with my VP for a long time on Friday - I felt like I should've felt better after the meeting about what had gone on that week, but I didn't.

Yesterday I was up at 2:45 am and couldn't get back to sleep until 6:15 am. Awesome. Old people get insomnia. I'm old. Therefore I have insomnia. When I did wake back up, I started doing some research on vets. Tigga has gotten pretty thin over the past few months, and I have put off taking him to the vet, but decided on Saturday to bite the bullet. I didn't ever get the "warm and fuzzies" from his old vet, so I also decided to find him a new one.

Why do I love NYC so much? IN HOME VET SERVICE! I found a vet who is a cat person (she did cat rescue in Miami and that's when she decided to go to veterinary school) who does house calls. I sent her an email yesterday and she responded last night offering to come by today - fast service, in home service. I'm kicking my ass for not calling her sooner. Anyhow, she came by this morning - she had a real good touch with Tigga, a real way of getting him to do what she needed him to do without stressing him out. She told us she suspsects he's either diabetic, has a kidney problem, or has cancer - he's lost about 4.5 lbs since his biggest which is a concern. She pretty much ruled out diabetes by pulling his urine - said it didn't look like the urine of a cat with diabetes (I guess that urine is extremely watery looking and Tigga has normal urine). But she's pulled the blood and everything else to test for the rest of the issues. This was one of the best vet experiences we've had, and even if it turns out to be something major with Tigga, I'm so glad we did this visit and I'm so glad we did it in our house.

I side tracked myself - back to Saturday, we spent most of the day laying in bed. I took 2 naps to make up for my early 2:45 am rise time. And then we ordered in wine and Thai food last night for dinner while watching The Campaign <- great movie, if you like Will Farrell, you will love this.

Today, oh today. Maybe a Pony Bar run this afternoon. We're waiting for our groceries now. And I've got to pack. Yep, that's right - leaving again today for the NJ/PA border. I'm onsite all week this week, and then I'm onsite all week next week at one of our other NJ sites (should be close enough to come home most nights though). I said goodbye to my boss on Friday until 2014 - I'm not in need of a break from work, but I'm in need of a break from travel.

All right party people - keep Tigga in your thoughts, and hope he's healthy; we're not ready to go through the loss of a pet again.


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