Monday, January 13, 2014

Reverse Commute

Last week - nothing. It was so lame and boring - because both Blondie and I had come down with the crap. It was either a mild case of the flu or a really bad sinus infection. No idea what. But since it was contagious (cough Blondie giving it to me), I'm guessing mild flu. I still managed to haul my ass into the office everyday. I'd wake up in the morning, feel HORRIBLE, decide to take a work from home day, get out of bed and within 15 mins out of bed, I'd be feeling so much better. So I'd go into work. Only to be about 10 mins into my 20 min walk to work and start feeling HORRIBLE again.

Everyone loved me last week.

In nicer news, Blondie texted on Thurs night and wanted to know if I wanted to do a date night. I was totally in so we headed to a nicer restaurant in our area. Blondie did fish and I did steak. I also got a nice bourbon cocktail (which made my throat feel better - totes medicinal). We then headed over to our local bar for a bit, had a few drinks there and caught up with our friends.

The rest of the week we did nothing. I didn't even leave our apartment from Friday night to this morning. I finished up Downton Abbey this weekend - I know I'm in the minority, but ugh. 99% of the characters I couldn't stand. And then I restarted Veronica Mars on Amazon. I've already watched it once, and I just needed something to keep my occupied during my 48 hour stint not leaving my apartment.

Tigga seems to be doing better also which is nice. He feels heftier to me and Blondie. He still is painfully thin, but when you pick him up, you can definitely feel a difference from a few weeks ago. He is starting to lose his appetite though - the vet warned this might happen; where the cat starts to have an adverse reaction to chemo (he's not vomiting, he's just not eating). So we might have to cut down on his chemo dosage. We have to give it a few more days and see how he does.

I'm reverse commuting this week - off to NJ everyday for some training at a 3rd party site. I did an out and back day today and am now fried. So I'm thinking I might stay a few days this week in the city where we are doing the training. I don't mind doing the train back and forth daily (its about 30 mins ish commute) but it's the 5 am wake-up call, not arriving back at my apartment until after 6 pm nightly, that does me in. So many decisions people.

That's it. Nothing else.


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