Sunday, June 15, 2014


What a great week - it was one of those weeks that make you never want to leave NYC. That kind of goodness. So much fun crammed into a few days, getting to see friends and Blondie non-stop, the weather was beautiful, all of it - a lot of love for my life this past week.

Tuesday I worked from home, which I hardly ever do. It was raining on Tuesday and just was not feeling that walk in, so I asked my boss if I could stay home that day and he ok'd it. I hung out in our living room (on our couch - YES, we finally bought a real couch), cuddling my cat, working, and watching TV. It was a perfect day.

Wednesday it was back to the office - the day went really fast because I went in late and then my boss was so excited that me and my work BFF were both at the office on the same day (doesn't happen often b/c I travel non-stop and she's on a project that's in the middle of crazy time). So he took the team to an out of the office lunch.

And then the best part of Wednesday - I left work on Wednesday night around 7 pm to meet up with my girlfriends to see Kinky Boots on Broadway!!! OMG. SO FREAKING AMAZING. The music was by Cyndi Lauper, the book by Harvey Fierstein (whom I saw in La Cage Aux Folles about 3 years ago), and the company was a ton of fun. The plot was that a shoe factory in the UK was going out of business and the owner found a way to keep it going - which was to make boots for drag queens - KINKY BOOTS! The whole audience was cheering and clapping in the final runway scene - I love when the audience gets into it like that. And it turns out my bar friend had met "Lola" (the main drag queen) in person 2 weeks ago - so that was pretty cool.

After Kinky Boots, we headed over for drinks and dinner at 5 Napkin Burger - we sat there for awhile, just rehashing the play and having a blast. Afterwards, my friend and I split from the rest of the group and we slowly headed back to our apartments. I filled her in on something that had happened at work (a bad thing, but it ended up being a good thing in the end - nothing I did) and we must've talked for about 20 minutes on the street corner before I headed into my apt (at midnight - that's a late night for this one).

Thursday Blondie and I had made plans for dinner and then he texted a little bit after I got to work to tell me he had forgotten about a work happy hour. He was trying to decide what to do - and I was in the middle of texting him to tell him to go, when it hit me that my work also had a happy hour that night! We both had a good laugh that we both forgot - but we did end up going to our respective happy hours. I only stayed for a little bit (I ran in, chugged a few free beers, and ran out) because I met up with bar friends for the return of trivia night! Now normally we place top 5 without problems but this time... we were shit. I think we placed 17/19 teams. It was so bad that on the last question of the night, we all sat there staring at each other before I said "let's just put down 'fuck you, you fucking fuck'" and it made us laugh our asses off. So we put it down. The emcee for trivia has a great sense of humor though - he got a good chuckle out of it and then swung by after and told us it was the hardest trivia he's ever done. The highlight of my night though was when Blondie showed up from his happy hour to surprise me! He didn't tell me he was coming, he just showed up. It was awesome!

Friday was another good day - I left work early as I was pretty beat. Blondie joined me around 6 pm at the house, and we hung out for a bit before I headed over to our local for a beer. It was a very early night though as it started raining and all I wanted was to be cuddled up with Blondie. He met me after my beer at a local gourmet grocery and we got some eats for the night and then just hung out watching TV.

And Saturday... oh Saturday. I started by cleaning up our apartment a bit and then doing a workout. Blondie and I then headed out around 1 pm to grab some lunch at Landsdowne. We got seats right at the front windows, had a few beers and some food, and then headed back to our local for a bit. Around 3:30 pm, we were a little tired, so we headed home and napped, before heading back to our local at 6 pm to watch the England game with our bar friends (2 of whom are English). All the crew were there, all of cheering for England, but to no avail.

After the game, Blondie and I decided burritos and margaritas were in order so we headed to Chipotle for dinner. The margaritas were actually pretty strong - not at all what I was expecting from Chipotle. And then we hit up the surf bar in our hood for fruity drinks and some chatting. And then finally, after months of waiting and talking about it, we saw HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH!

We had tickets to the 10 pm show - and omg omg omg omg omg. It was without a double the COOLEST fucking thing I've ever seen. I LOVE NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and he BLEW me away in this show. I was singing, woo-wooing, dancing around in my seat - along with the entire audience. This audience put my Kinky Boots audience to shame! The story is about German singer who gets a botched sex change surgery and is left with the "angry inch". NPH was just incredible in it - he brought that character to life. It was funny, it was sad, it was energetic, it was depressing, it was all of it crammed into 2 hours of one of the best times of my life!!! (NPH just won the Tony for best actor for this role).

We floated our way home after (well, I floated - Blondie just laughed at me), and then sat up for a bit talking about the play (well, I talked - Blondie just laughed at me). I slept like the dead last night - just went to sleep on a cloud. The week was so amazing. If all weeks were like this past week...

Today was a bit of a bummer unfortunately, bringing my good week to a close. I slept in and then spent the morning with Blondie, before packing and catching a flight to Chicago (first class - one bourbon, and then a long nap - the flight attendant even said "I tried to bring you another bourbon but you were sleeping hard!"). And here I am, about 90 minutes outside of Chicago, in the hotel room I'm going to call home for the next 5 days. It was ridiculously hard saying goodbye to Blondie and Tigga (who has totally gained some weight! we'll find out specifics next week but the cat has some heft to him again) today - after the week I just had, I had NO desire to leave so I had to run out of the apt because I was about to start bawling.

So yep, I'm here for the week - flying home on Friday. Next week it's off to SF again - but for fun this time. And the week after, we are meeting up with the family in The Land of Oil. A lot of travel. Lot.

Happy Father's Day to the Sheriff and my father-in-law and Mr Pooh! Hope you guys had great days!


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