Sunday, December 14, 2014

I have no title today

But then maybe "I have no title" is my title?

My first announcement is that I'm renaming some people on my blog - instead of a big group of "bar friends" (which is what I call them now), there will now be Glitter (I might switch between that and Sparkles, but it's the same person I swear) and Heinie. Bar Friends will now shrink to just be my English bar friends and my Indian bar friend. It's simple right? :)

2 Sundays ago, Glitter and Heinie and Blondie and I headed up to Pony to wish our bartender well. Glitter and I ended up staying for awhile, but Heinie split off early to meet our Indian Bar Friend at another bar and Blondie only lasted a couple of beers before heading home. After Pony, we headed back to our local to meet up with the guys. We hung out there for awhile, but the guys were being grumpy (certain teams lost) so I trucked on back to my apartment to end the night.

Blondie and I hit up our local on that Wednesday, and everyone was in a much better mood then. I had been supposed to meet my English girlfriend to watch the tree lighting in Rock Center, but it was freezing cold and drizzling that day so I bailed on her, and went drinking instead. I'm awesome that way. It was good getting to hang out with everyone on Wednesday night, but it got even better when a couple of my besties from my old job texted. They were in the hood and headed to Pony, so Blondie and I left our local a little bit early and went and joined up with them.

I had a blast that night! I got caught up on office gossip, got to talk about some rumors I had heard, and just got to hang out with my friends. We were joined about an hour after we got to Pony by our Indian bar friend, and he ended up hanging out with our group into the night also. We finally left the bar around midnight. My bailing on the tree lighting was a great thing in the end as I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in awhile.

Thursday I was a bit hungover. A bit in this case means "a lot". I lazed around all morning before finally doing a weak workout early afternoon. A quick shower and it was time to meet Glitter at our local. She had asked the previous night if I had wanted to meet up for early afternoon drinks and I had agreed. The trip to Pony almost threw a glitch in the plans, as there was an unexpected hangover. But I pulled through. We met up around 2 pm, and drank into the evening, joined eventually by Heinie and our English and Indian bar friends.

Friday I was supposed to walk down and meet Blondie for lunch, but he ended up working from home in the morning. So we took off around 11 am and got some street tacos before he headed to work for the rest of the day. After lunch, I stopped and bought stuff to make chili as I knew we were in for 3 days of cold and rain ahead of us. And Saturday we made chili which was awesome because it was indeed cold and raining outside (we made Mrs Pooh's chili the week before and a red chili that week - so basically, I can haz chili).

Sunday I got texted from Heinie that we were skipping Pony that week and heading to another bar in our area to watch football. I joined up with the crew around 2 pm and we cheered some teams onto victory. After the bar we were at, we headed back to our local, and Blondie joined us at that point. We stayed into the evening, snacking on food and drinking many beers. All in all, a great day.

This past week was also good. Monday night was first spent calling the Packers unstoppable as they walked all over the Falcons in the first half of the MNF game. And then it was spent having mini heart attacks as the Falcons came back and walked all over the Packers in the second half of the game. But my buddy Aaron and his teammates "Cobb from Kentucky!" (all of them are "Cobb from Kentucky!" to me) pulled through, leaving us cheering and whooping around our apartment.

On Wednesday morning, I met up with Glitter and my English girlfriend at 9:45 am to go see "Wild" up at Lincoln Center theater. The movie was excellent - a real wallowing one which I appreciate. But I also loved the book too so I was already inclined to like the movie. After the movie, we headed back outside to see it had started to snow. Since we hardly ever leave Hells Kitchen, we decided to stay in the UWS for lunch so we popped into a mexican restaurant, sitting at the bar which had big windows overlooking the street. We ate lunch there, which involved many margaritas, before starting to walk back to our hood in the snow. We made another stop for cocktails at a local food court and then it was finally into our local to end the day. There was a giant party going on in our local, and the owner of the bar kept bringing us free food from the buffet in the back (cheeseburgers, french fries) and then another regular and I had a mini dance off which I won simply because she was way more wasted than me. Small victories - I'll take them.

Friday it was a trek down to Blondie to meet him for lunch. I headed down to him along the Hudson - it was windy and cold, but the sun was out and the walk kept me warm. We went to a local pizza place - Blondie got a few slices and I got a meatball sub, and then I walked back to our hood along the High Line. I calculated my walk after I got home - and what I thought was 3.1 miles each way was actually 3.5 miles each way. So 7 mile walk total. I stopped for snacks for the night at a local gourmet food store, and then just crashed out the rest of the day. That night we took it easy, watching TV and relaxing.

Today I'm still laying in bed. I need to do a workout. I'm hoping to hit up Pony to see our bartender and find out how everything is going. But I can't make myself get up. Yay for me.

And I have exciting plans this week - a visit to Philly to hang out with Mr Pooh! He's coming on Tues and I'm going to head out there Tues afternoon and party with him PA style. So excited to see him again - that will make it 4 times this year which is unheard of!


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