Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Important Questions...

1) How does one display 4" of ass crack and not feel it?

The Scene: VDay, 2007; a bar in the Mission
The culprit: Some guy sitting at said bar

Seriously. I mean seriously. 4" of ass crack. For anyone to stare at. It was god-awful. Party C first pointed it out. It then felt like a train wreck - I really didn't want to watch, but at the same time I couldn't tear my eyes away. Party C got her picture taken with the guy (he wasn't aware). You had to have felt some sort of breeze anytime someone walked by - pull your shirt down please! Or else, put a tip jar out - I would've given you $5 to be so ballsy as to show off that much crack in a public place. Yai yai yai!

2) Where exactly is the hippie toy-store located?

The Scene: GG Park, Feb 17th, 2007; Hippie Hill
The culprit: Everyone in the park except for me, Party C, Blondie, Carrie with a B, Porn King and GirlfriendJ.

It started out innocently enough. Blondie: "Look at the guy with the balls". Pretty soon, it seemed like everyone had toys out. Not just regular toys (frisbees, cards, beers!!!), but hippie toys (hula hoops, scarves attached to strings, cups on strings that you tossed in the air and caught on strings, balls you rolled up and down your arms, etc, etc, etc). Carrie with a B, in excruciatingly hysterical form on Saturday, made a comment that if he came through the area on stilts, he'd fit right in. Which led to a crack about juggling bowling pins while on stilts. Which led to someone (Party C? Blondie?) pointing out the guy juggling bowling pins (he wasn't on stilts though). The drum circle and about 30 beers rounded out the day nicely.

A shout out to Brother Lynn - "Francisco. That's fun to say!" "I'm in a store and I'm singing!"

3) If one has to get up at 3 am to work (on a day that a lot of people had off), how much should one drink the day before?

Who cares? Work sucks anyway.

4) If my burrito smells like ass, should I still eat it?

Hells yes! Because it didn't smell like ass! You were toasted Mr Kilowatt man!

And finally a shout out to Party C - you were a trooper this weekend. I'm still not sure how we do it. And I have to give you kudos - no way could I have eaten only 2 eggs on Sunday, gotten a new tat, and still partied it out Sunday night like you did. Sniff. Party C, you're my hero!!!!

Someone come visit me.


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