Thursday, April 19, 2007

Muffy Run...

To quote Blondie: "hehe. You said Muff".

In a supreme effort to boost my motivation to lose some weight again, I've taken the drastic step of starting to sign me and Blondie up for races again. Our first one is this Sunday, and it's called the Muffy Run. (If Blondie wears that t-shirt to his gym, I'm sure he'll be hit on a million times over ;)

My body is screaming at me for doing this. It sounds something like this: "You stupid stupid girl. What are you thinking?!?! You can't run! And it's EARLY in the morning. You big dummy".

I'm trying to scream back at my body. But unfortunately, it sounds like this: "I LIKE BEER! I LIKE PIZZA!"

Yep, sometime in the last 6 months, I got pathetic.

A big shout out to the fabulous Shelby Shelbs! It's her "3 years from 30" birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELBY! Have a great day!



S said...

hehehehehe... 'Muffy' Run

Brad Thompson said...
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April said...

Yay me!! Thanks so much for celebrating my first 30th birthday with me. It was really great, and I think the 30s are just what I need right now.

And could you sign me up for some races too? I too have caught a nasty strain of 'pathetic boozehound'.