Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All about VACATION...

Flying all night sucks, especially when about 15 minutes after the plane takes off, it hits you that you never followed up on a task you assigned to someone else (a new someone else) and are pretty sure that the item that needs to happen in 3 hours isn't going to happen b/c there will be no paperwork to support it.

And then you land and turn on your phone and sure as shit, there is voicemail asking where all the paperwork is.

And then you have to run around O'Hare frantically calling back certain people and walking them through verbally what needs to happen and swearing up and down that the new someone else will submit after the fact paperwork.

But then it's over, and vacation has officially started, and ahhhhhh, it's worth it.

We made a trip for a day to hang with the V's in IN. We had a blast. Their new home is beautiful, and they took us on a tour of an LST which Blondie LOVED. Then they took us to the casino, which Yours Truly LOVED, seeing as how I walked away with over $230 in profits in an hours time. THEN they took us for BBQ - Blondie about cried in gratitude, and after that, we picked up the mixings for margs before crashing in front of their fire pit and making S'Mores. All in all a blast.

The next day we made the trek back to KY to visit the fam. The Cutest Kid in the World had the entire family cracking up as she attempted to drive her pink Power Ranger jeep, and then I had everyone cracking up as I attempted to fit Shugs' motorcycle helmet over top of my gargantuan head. I braved a ride on Brother R's motorcycle, we had a BBQ with the whole family, I think The Cutest Kid In the World bonded with me (FINALLY!), we enjoyed the heat, and we played many rounds of cards/games. It was sooooo good to visit again!

This week has been catching back up at work. Oh Yay. My favorite thing. Tonight we are off to celebrate Bbbb's new job, and his final week of "easy getting to work job" before he heads off to south bay to work. Pedi plans with Party C on thurs, and then many many many hours of sleep this weekend.


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