Monday, August 18, 2008

Da bears... Da lake...

It's a good thing Blondie is so darn cute, b/c he can sure be so darn stubborn. I've been bugging Blondie for over a week now to post about our Chi-town trip, and he keeps resisting, so it's up to Yours Truly to fill everyone in.

2 weekends ago, Blondie and I took a trip to Bear-Land. We went to hang out with the G-clan in a small town about 40 miles out of Chicago. And we had a blast! I got to meet Blondie's 2 nieces - Kenny G and Baby Rhi Rhi. They were 2 little balls of cuteness, even when they were crying. We got to eat some Lou Malnati's which is the end all of Chicago pizza. We got to play some whacked out card games (Sheepshead I'm looking at you). We got to play some BEER DARTS! But most importantly, we all just got to hang out and catch up.

This past weekend, Blondie and I and 10 of our friends drove up to Lake Berryessa (it's about 10 minutes north of Napa). We got in on Friday night, and did a whole lot of camping and drinking. Saturday morning found Yours Truly rather *green*. It was atrocious. On top of that, the closest toilets were porta-potties, which just made the whole experience that much more atrocious. Saturday afternoon we rented a boat and hung out the rest of the day on the boat. We did some grilling, some drinking, some swimming. Yours Truly managed tp get stung by a bee (honestly, a bee, in the middle of a freaking lake). We grilled out Saturday night, and on Sunday we all got up and had a few mid-morning beverages before making our way back to SF.

The best part of this though had to be on Friday night leaving the city. The fog had rolled in and it was just awful and COLD, and we finally just start to get over GG Bridge, and literally, the fog lifted in like a matter of 50 feet, and it was sunny and GORGEOUS on the Marin side of the bridge.

Got to love SF. Even if you hate it.


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April said...

And it's a good thing you don't hate it, because you gotta love it!