Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've had a sleep "thing" since I can remember. It's not insomnia, as I have absolutely 0 problem falling asleep. I can fall asleep sitting upright. I can fall asleep with the TV going, while reading a book. I can fall asleep on a hardwood floor with a regular bus going by the window of the floor I'm on (ask Shelbs!) I credit my mom with giving me this "talent". My mom can sleep anywhere. It's kind of funny sometimes.

My problem is that I can't stay asleep once I fall asleep. Every 1.5-2 hours, I'm up. And as soon as I wake up my mind starts racing.

It got worse, a lot worse, when I started working at the Despised Old Job; I blamed it then on fucked up work hours. It's still bad though, and to top it off, I work for someone currently who doesn't like to do his job and I end up having to cover.

Case in point - I'm working right now. It's become another Despised Old Job over again.

The whole point, and god knows I know you were wondering if I had one or if I was just bitching as normal, is that I've accepted a new job with my company. I'm going to get out of what I do now, and I'm starting down a different career path.

I CAN NOT WAIT. My due date to be in my new position is the end of this month, and I'm counting down seconds.

In honor of this new job, I present you with 5 stupid things I've done while exhausted:
1) Washed my hair without shampoo, and without realizing I hadn't shampoo'ed, and then spent 45 minutes wondering what the hell had happened to my hair because it was all greasy and stinky. And then had to rewash my hair.
2) Went to my bootcamp class wearing 2 different sneakers, and didn't realize I had done it until 5 minutes left in class. This was even though both shoes felt completely different on my feet.
3) Cleaned out the cat litter box, and never put new litter in. They showed their displeasure by pooping behind the TV.
4) Put my glasses on to look for my glasses. Begged Blondie for help in finding said glasses after I had scoured the room looking for them. Which prompted him to say "the glasses on your head?"
5) And the capper - at the Despised Old Job, after 2 nights of working all night, crashed the entire website ON ACCIDENT. I pushed a faulty script out, and recycled every server we had for our site at the same time. I am a rock star. An old aging rock star.


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