Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yo! 'Sup?

So based on Mr Pooh's incredible weight loss, Blondie and I bought the P90X program. Bootcamp was getting to be a LOT of money, and we wanted something we could do without spending a lot and that didn't require 2 miles of walking a day to get to camp and back.

It's been pretty good. I'm very sore, and while I recognize moves in the program that were part of Bikram and bootcamp, they put the moves together in interesting ways. My favorite thus far is the boxing program. Of course when we were supposed to "put sound into it!", I kept saying "Fuck! Work!"

We've been pretty low-key in the meantime. Blondie and I are both working very long hours right now, and are pretty exhausted at night.

We made it to Porn King's house for a Halloween party last night, and it was great catching up with everyone! It was supposed to be a pumpkin carving party, but they were convinced to not give drunk people knives, so we all ended up just hanging out.

Plans for this coming week include 2 overnights for work, and then a celebration on 10/30 that my sites roll into freeze for the year! Yep, come 10/30, you'll find me (and probably 75% of the company) with a flask. Coffee and Bailey's anyone?


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