Friday, July 10, 2009

Fireworks! Vodka! Fried Chicken! Spock!

Last weekend ended up being a total blast. My work let us out early last Thursday so Blondie made the trek to downtown and we went to see the new "Star Trek". It was a great movie - but it probably helped that I've never followed Star Trek to begin with so I didn't know any of the back history. I did love the movie though, and thought that the Spock character was amazing. GO SEE IT!

Last Friday, Blondie had to work, but I didn't (haha), so I took off with Bbbb and Shelbs over the Bay Bridge to Alameda to do the Hangar One Vodka Tasting. It was amazing!!! I paid $15 to get 13 tastes (2 apertifs, 5 vodkas, 1 whiskey, 2 tea drinks, 2 liquers, and 1 absinthe), and Bbbb and Shelbs paid $10 to get everything minus the absinthe. We had a total blast - from the weird tourists that were taking weird pictures, to the bridal party that showed up with their "penis book", it was a great afternoon. Afterwards we toured around Alameda for awhile, before hitting up Wienerschnitzel and then a local bar. So much fun! Why can't every weekend be a 3 day weekend???

Bbbb and Shelbs were nice enough to drop me off in NB on the way back so I could go to Sweetie J's for a "back to the basics" meal. Blondie and PC joined in as well as a few other folks. We had wine, beer, soju, and fried chicken! It's always so much fun hanging with Sweetie J and her cooking is the yummiest food I've eaten.

PC came back and spent the night at our place so that we would be ready to go bright and early on Saturday - The K's picked us up and we headed over GG Bridge to Marin for the Marin County Fair. Basically, I ate my way through the fair and crapped out early on a blanket people watching and drinking beer. We got to see some nice fireworks to end the night and then we sat in a line in the parking lot for an hour trying to get home.

This week has been pretty fast also - work let us out early again yesterday for an afternoon at the bar - they bought us drinks and food, and we got to shoot pool and play darts. It was a nice break from work.

This weekend, Blondie and I are headed to a coworker's tomorrow for a BBQ on his patio to celebrate his birthday. Other than that, the only thing I want to do is lay on my couch.

Congratulations to Mr Pooh who ran his first 10K in under an hour!!!! That is an amazing time, and Blondie and I are so happy for him!

Also, I'm chair for my department for the American Heart Assocation's Annual Heart Walk, so be prepared for emails in your inbox asking for a donation. It walks 9/18 and I'm going to start fundraising on 7/18 so it's coming up fast!


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