Saturday, August 07, 2010

A whole lotta nada

After our Willie Nelson concert last week, Blondie and I decided to lay low and just take it easy. We didn't entirely succeed in this mission, but had a good weekend anyway.

On Friday, I moved offices at work - I moved from my office down a little hall with no windows, to one on the main drag of the office with windows overlooking NYC and the East River. I thought I would love this - and I do, except that being on the main drag - everybody and their brother drops in. Sometimes this rocks, sometimes this is no bueno. Also, it's about 3 degrees in my office - the a/c runs full-blast at all times. I had to borrow someone's snuggie (it was a gag gift at the office holiday party) and cover the vents and then cover the snuggie with my whiteboard (which I took off the wall for this).

Since Friday is a short day at work and most of it was spent moving, my coworkers decided drinks were in order for Friday afternoon. We hit up one of our local bars that has a rooftop patio. It was a gorgeous NYC day - perfect temp, sun was shining - and we got awesome seats since we got there at 1:30 pm. Blondie joined us around 5, and by 9:30, I was home and getting sick. Sigh. Who's 35? Apparently not me - it turns out I act like I'm 17!

Saturday I felt right as rain though so Blondie and I did a good workout, and then I got a pedicure - I heart the color I got done and might make it my "signature" color. After the pedi, we went and did all of our grocery shopping before heading home to crash the day away.

Sunday we headed up to Times Square to see Inception, and holy shit - it was literally one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. Blondie and I are still talking about it - 6 days later - trying to figure it out. We both have different theories, and both question how/why things occurred in some of the dream sequences. When a movie can make you question it almost a week after you've seen it - it's so worth it. Go see it. You need to. And I'm saying this even though Johnny Depp isn't in it - so you know I HAVE to love it.

This week went by kind of fast. It was work work work every day, but for some reason, it didn't feel like a dragged out week like it normally does.

Yesterday I was supposed to meet Blondie for drinks and lunch at 1 pm - but got waylaid at work. We're in the final stages of testing for a project I'm on, and someone had checked in some code that broke everything - so it was tracking that person down, getting the code cleaned up, making sure everything was up and running, etc (I still do traces of my old job duties in addition to my new role). Because of all this, I met Blondie 2.5 hours after I was supposed to - but we did get a nice spot on the patio and got to people watch and drink $2 Miller Lites for the rest of the afternoon. I'm going to miss summer Fridays.

I'm not sure what all we're going to do this weekend, but we are definitely going to see Dinner for Schmucks at some point. I need to get in a good run today, and Blondie has to pack as he's off to Arkansas to hang with his baby bro for a week. We bought tics back to KY for a couple of weeks from now to see my family, and SF trip is back on for work - I'm either headed there in 1 week for a week, or I'm headed out in the middle of Sept for 2 weeks.

Also, the best news! Last night, after too many Miller Lites, we bought tickets for my birthday to see Green Bay and the Jets! We are in the end zone, 10 rows up - so super awesome seats! I'm taking the Monday off after the game too, since it's a Sunday night game. So excited! Time to bust out the Green Bay gear...


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