Monday, October 25, 2010

From San Francisco, CA, to Northern, PA

Let's play some catch...up...

San Francisco was a blast - I had such a good time it seriously made me wonder why we had left in the first place. I flew in on Sunday morning, and left the airport to the most beautiful weather I'd ever seen in SF. It was a gorgeous day - breathtaking blue skies, no clouds or fogs, and temps in the low 80's. I went to my hotel, checked in, and then proceeded straight to a lunch of tacos and margaritas. I was joined by my friend Sweetie J, and then we headed over to one of her friend's house. This friend was having a huge house party (their house had a monster rooftop deck with views of the GG Bridge, Alcatraz, and the bay) that we joined in on - it was one of the 5 best parties I've been to in my life. We got some killer views of the BLUE ANGELS as they did their air show and I met a ton of new interesting people.

After my party with Sweetie J, a trip out to my old hood to visit my friend KT - we went for vietnamese food and then several drinks at a bar. We got to catch up on a lot and just enjoyed hanging out again for the first time in 10 months.

Monday, I got up and went to the gym in my hotel before heading back to my old stomping grounds for work. I won't lie, I was uber nervous on the walk over - I hadn't seen everyone in so long and while I was very excited for the social aspects of the trip, the work phase was throwing me for a loop. My fears were quickly overcome as Monday turned into a completely social day - I got to see so many people, it was non-stop someone coming up to me to say Hi and hear about what had been going on over the last few months. Monday evening, I met up with KT, Sweetie J and Dirty Sanchez for dinner and drinks - again a beautiful day, and ending it with food and beverage with some of my favorite people - it can't be beat!

Tuesday, I went for a run along the Embarcadero to enjoy the SF weather. Then it was off to work as we started meetings for my project. The morning meeting went horribly, and it kind of tainted the rest of the day. I made some hard decisions that afternoon about how I wanted things to go the rest of the week, and that helped some. Then margaritas and tacos with Miss Fenny and one of the sisters C helped the rest of the way.

Wednesday, I went for a LONG run along the Embarcadero - I needed to clear my head before our second round of meetings and the new process I wanted to follow. This totally helped, and it was with a lucid mind that I tackled Wednesday. Everything went much better and before I knew it, it was time for the party we had planned with everyone from the SF office. Such a good time! So many people came out, way more than we had expected. I think the bar was overwhelmed with how many people we had, but eh, you're a bar - deal with it!

Thursday, it was back to the gym before starting our last day of meetings. I was pretty tired at this point (I was up most days at 5 am due to the time change), and missing Blondie and the cats, so the day felt more rough than any other day. I got out early though and went with CChu for a drink before meeting back up with some work folks for drinks also. After my drinks, it was time to see Shelbs and Bbbb on the west coast! We hit up a mexican restaurant, and had a blast, before they drove me to the airport to catch my flight back.

Friday, was a good day also - I had the red-eye and when I got to the house Friday morning, Blondie and I decided to just keep going. We went for breakfast before heading up to see "The Social Network" (50000 thumbs up - go see it!). Afterwards, we did our grocery shop before heading to our bar for early dinner and drinks.

Then on Sunday we did a nice long run along Riverside Park - it was the first time we've really gone far on the park, and it was so nice - I'm glad we live close to it.

Last week was another party week - my friend from work had a birthday so Monday and Wednesday were spent celebrating with her. We did girls' nights both nights and had a blast! On Friday, I met Blondie at our bar where we watched the Yankees lose (tee hee!). We also made plans to meet up with our bartender this weekend for the Jets/Packers game we both have tickets too! We will be tailgating with him and his crew for the game.

On Saturday we got up uber early to catch a train to nothern PA - we hung out with our friends and their kids all day Saturday (um, BTW, flag football for 5 year olds? Funniest thing I've seen in a long time), and then on Sunday it was TIME TO RACE! My friend and I did our 13K (8.06 mile race) that we have been training for - I did around 1 hour, 33 mins, which for me is awesome good - 11.33 min miles. I'm not a fast runner, but I'm a determined runner, so that makes up for it. I felt so good afterwards (no leg pain, no achy knees, no blisters) that we talked Mr and Mrs Pooh into running a half with us next year.

Today it was back to work, woot. Plans this week include nothing. Nothing at all. And I'm very excited about it!


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