Saturday, October 30, 2010

Excited for a Sunday??? How is this possible?

So, my week was quite low-key. After our trip to Pennsylvania last weekend, my body was screaming for a break. I managed to get in a workout each day which is good - I wanted so bad to take a day off after my 13K but there was no need really - I wasn't sore by any means, so it would've just been because I was lazy.

I've convinced Mr and Mrs Pooh to come up to NYC next year and visit for a few days before taking off with me and Blondie to PA to run a half-marathon. So I now have that for my goal - a half marathon next May. I'm excited to see the Poohs, and really excited to train for this properly. My 13K felt really good and it was because I kept my training/working out on a proper course. If I can get the half marathon down, I will attempt to do a full marathon next year just so I can finally stop talking about doing one.

In non-running news, on Wednesday, we hit up our bar to watch the first game of the World Series. Since the last 2 cities we lived in prior to NYC are in the World Series, it makes it interesting to watch. I'm totally rooting for SF, whereas Blondie is rooting for SF but only because of the way the games are played - he's rooting home team each time.

What's interesting about NYC, is that even though the World Series was on, nobody in the bar but me and Blondie were paying attention to it. Since there are no NY teams in it, nobody here gives a shit about it. I wonder if it would be the same way with the Superbowl (but since it's going to be a Jets/Giants Superbowl this year, we won't find out).

On Thursday I found out I have to go back to San Francisco again - in 2 weeks, I'll be flying back out for work. I love San Francisco, and have missed San Francisco - so this is good for me. I'm excited for it. After the San Francisco trip, my project will be fully kicked off which also brings a bit of goosebumps to my arms. I'm nervous and excited all at once.

Last night we hit up our bar again and just drank and chatted the night away. Blondie and I, are going to meet our bartender and his friends tomorrow to tailgate before we go watch PACKERS AND JETS in the new Jets stadium!!!! We have tickets 10 rows off the endzone, so please watch for us if you get the game in your area. It turns out that our bartender is a huge Jets fan, and he also loves us, so we're in like Flynn with his crew for tailgating. They've got us so excited for everything - I.Can't.Wait!


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