Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is on it's way

So the launch went "eh". We're out there, we're live - to about 10% of the people coming to the site. We have 1 thing we need to fix before we roll any further - and luckily it's not something that's our fault, but it's still something that's impeding us. It's been a stressful week, waiting each day to see what our numbers are, seeing how people are responding to this. To end my week an up note, the president of the company sent each of us that worked on the project an individual hand-written letter thanking us for all we did for the project (yes, it's really that big of a deal).

My friend from SF was also in town this week - making it go by really fast. We shared my office together, and as much as I love having my own space, and a door that shuts, and a window with a view of NYC (that okay yes, sometimes I stare out of when I need a brain break), I love having him around when he does come to town.

On Monday, Blondie and I headed out to our bar to celebrate the start of the turn on of the project. We watched the MNF game, ate some apps, and had celebratory shots with my friends. Then on Tuesday, Blondie started texting me early asking when I was going to be home. I found it weird because he never checks in on me - I could come home at 9 pm and I wouldn't have a text asking where I was. So the fact that he started checking around 4:30 pm on Tuesday made me suspicious.

Anyway, I got home on Tuesday night and Blondie came strolling in with a huge bunch of red roses and TACO BELL! I've been craving the TB for like 3 months (and talking about it for 3 months too - omg, how annoying to live with me!), but the closest one to us in Penn Station. Blondie caught the train there, bought me the Taco Bell, and brought it home to surprise me. I had a great evening with Blondie, it was such a nice surprise!

Wednesday, another former coworker of mine was in town so a group of us headed out for lunch. I love taking a lunch because it feels like the day goes so much faster that way. There were 5 of us, just chatting and relaxing, and doing the office gossip thing.

Thursday was the heartbreaking day because that's when we got the news that before we could dial up anymore, we needed to fix the problem. It felt like a punch in the gut - I want this thing out to everyone so bad I can taste it, and it feels like just road-block after road-block are tossed at us. I was in a real bad head space that day, so when some friends come by to ask about going for drinks, I was in.

We headed out of the office, right on time, and were hit by a gust of COLD wind. Here comes fall. The temps had dropped about 20 degrees from 1 pm to 6 pm. I don't like fall because I know what comes next - which is winter. And I LOATHE winter. Good on me for moving us to NYC. Anyway, we were out really late on Thurs, again doing the office gossip thing and just catching up (they work in a different bldg than me). I had a blast and my head cleared on up.

And Friday was just Friday - I just wanted it over. I got stuck on an emergency call for most of the day, and when it ended, I just counted minutes until 6 pm. I did work some yesterday, but it was covering for someone who has been helping me out on my new project. I owed her and her team the covering for them on Saturday so I wasn't upset about it.

So I worked out on Monday and did an Insanity disc. Then my body just shut down. Trying to get motivated is just NOT happening. I was so worried but then on Wed Mr Pooh texted about his Tough Mudder he is running in a couple of months. I'm so proud of him for doing this - that course looks cuh-razy! So I pulled my head out of my ass yesterday and went on my first 5 mile run since May. It hurt, but I only had to walk for 4 minutes total (2 x 2 min). So I was pretty proud of myself. Then today I went down and did speed work - 2 minutes walking at 4.1 mph then 2 minutes of running at 6.5-7.0 mph - all the way to 3.1 miles. And sadly, it was faster than if I just had run a full 3.1 miles at my current pace.

I'm going to register for another half - I'm eyeballing the NYC half marathon (Mar 2012) - which starts in Central Park and winds you through the city (and straight through Times Square). But I'm also thinking about trying to find one in November. I just need something to keep me going through this "I don't want to workout" time right now.

Packers won today which makes me happy, it's cool weather - but we have a pot of chili cooking up on the stove right now (I managed to light a hot pad on fire while starting the chili). But this week is going to blow - I have a shit ton of work that I'm dreading. Happily once this week is over, we catch our flight to SF to see our friends get married. So just got to get through this week.



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