Monday, September 05, 2011

No hurricanes, a launched project (squee!), and a celebrity sighting

The Friday before Irene hit the city was literally the calm before the storm. Blondie and I did all of our shopping (along with 200000 other people stocking up) before heading home to have some drinks on our patio. We decided dinner would be at our bar, so after drinks on our patio, we hit up the Winchester. It seems everyone but me know that Irene would be really nothing, so the night was spent making fun of me and my worries about Irene.

Saturday the clouds started rolling in. It was eerie. NYC shut down all public transportation at noon on Saturday, and as the day went on, the traffic got less and less. Saturday night around 6 pm we took some beers to the patio and watched *absolutely nothing*. A few people were out walking, but there were no cars, no traffic, no honking, no nothing.

And by the time we woke up on Sunday it was all over - it had definitely rained, but whatever had happened overnight wasn't even enough to wake us up. Around noon, Blondie and I headed out to check out the city - headed up into Times Square and were shocked by how many people were out. We decided lunch had to be KFC, and it was open! We got a huge bucket of chicken and sides and took it back to our place to eat on our floor.

By Monday morning, the sun was back and transportation was back on, which meant back to the grind for me. So worth it though - because Wednesday morning, my alarm went off at 4:45 am and it was with eager feet that I leapt out of bed, showered, and basically ran to the subway. At my desk by 6 am, along with about 5 other people in the office, and I got to watch my projects go out. It was a beautiful day - I almost cried at my desk. 1 project went live, and the other went in dark and we start dialing up traffic a week from today to it - it's been a solid YEAR at this point of working on it, and the relief was intense on Wednesday.

Blondie took me to dinner on Wednesday to celebrate - we went for mexican and beers, but it was an early night as the early start had done me in. But then on Thursday, my boss took us all out to celebrate - I had eaten a salad for lunch, and then skipped dinner - by the time I rolled into the apartment on Thurs night, I was a wreck. I somehow had managed to stop for a subway which I ate in like 3 secs flat, but it didn't help. Friday I had to call in sick. Go me - and for the last summer Friday too.

On Friday, after I felt better, Blondie and I headed out for lunch and then we went down to Hudson River Park to laze about in the afternoon. Saturday we decided to bar hop around NYU area as the kids (yes, kids, omg - I'm so old) are back for the fall - we hit up our favorite bar down there, and then we went on a mission to find a bar that Blondie had discovered in 2009 when we were here for interviews. Unbelievably, we found it. And it was awesome. After many drinks throughout the afternoon, we ran into a street festival to end our day.

Yesterday I hit up my pedi place to get my toes done - I had literally the worst looking feet you've ever seen - my big toenail had split halfway down my toe, and the rest of the toes had paint 1/2-3/4 way chipped off. Blondie came out to meet me for lunch after, and he picked one of the bars around us for food.

Now, we've known about this bar from the day we moved into the hood, but for the most part, it's always jammed. It's also the last bar / restaurant we have within a 2 block radius that we haven't tried, so we decided to go for it yday. We walked in about 15 mins after they opened, and took a seat at the bar. There was a really nice couple sitting beside us, and we chatted beers for a bit, before Blondie's eyes got big and said "I know this woman from somewhere!" It was back and forth between us, but then he realized - she had a part in both Louie CK and You've Got Mail! (Veanne Cox) We debated saying something to her, but then decided to keep quiet.

While we were all chatting (and we swapped beers and tried tastes too) her friend happened to mention he had taken a look at her official website, and mentioned that she's a well-known enough actress to make sure to take care of her website. And then big-mouth me blurted out, "we know who you are! You've Got Mail!" which seemed to shock her. She said that she usually does not get that, but she gets recognized from other parts instead.

Anyway, she was awesome and we made plans to meet her and her friend again next Sunday (we'll see if we all show up). Her friend and Blondie exchanged contact info and he seemed really eager about Blondie's website skills. We got a picture of us together before she left. Just a really great day all around!

Today is lazy day. Blondie is poking around, taking his time getting going. I'm debating what I want for lunch.

I started working out again on Saturday - it had been about 2 weeks, between the cold that took me down for 5 days, and then the hurricane (they shut down the gym for 3 days), and then getting my launch ready and then celebrating my launch - it's been non-stop excuses. However, on Saturday I got down to the gym and did 3.1 miles, lifted some weights, and then did a disc of Insanity. On Sunday, I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill again before lifting a LOT of weights. And today I did 45 minutes on the precor (and no weights were done). I feel so much better just getting back into the groove.


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