Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's starting to get NICE in NYC right now. This past week had some beautiful days. Monday was an anomaly as I'd say 90% of my office had taken a vacation day. I walked into an office of quietness, and it was a pretty nice start to the week.

On Tuesday, I was walking home - it's 3 avenues from my subway to my apartment, and I had just crossed the first avenue when all of a sudden, Blondie was in face. I was like "whoa! what are you doing here?" Blondie had to run an errrand and since the weather was so nice, he thought we'd go eat dinner on a patio. We ran the errand, and then hit up a bar by us that we hardly ever go to. Blondie had fish and chips, and I had steak sandwich and fries. Afterwards, we stopped and got some more beer and headed home to open our patio door and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday, I did lunch with some coworkers, and then called Blondie mid afternoon to see if he wanted to do a repeat of Tuesday night. Because as beautiful as Tuesday was, Wednesday was even better. We hit up our poison bar, and drank the night away. Everytime we thought we'd leave, one of us would be like "wellllllll, one more round!"

Thursday it started to get cooler, so that was the end of our completely nice days. Friday I was at work pretty late, but it was simply b/c coworkers had come in to chat non-work, and then it was 7 pm. I had planned to get a pedicure on the way home from work on Friday, but by then, I was ravenously hungry, so just had to truck on home.

Yesterday it was beautiful again. I "ran" 8 miles, and then Blondie and I were at our bar by 11:30 am. We hung out until around 3:30 pm, and we came home so I could take a nap. Blondie cooked biryani for dinner (it was sooooo good!), and I made a beer run, so we spent the night sitting on patio, coming in periodically to watch b-ball, eating, and drinking beers.

Today it's pretty out now - it was really cloudy this morning. I just got done working out, and am now eating a scrambled egg, veggie (onions, peppers, cilantro, potato) and chorizo combination that Blondie made. I'm probably going to take another nap this afternoon, but other than that, nothing on tap for the day.

Blondie and I cooked in pretty frequently this past week. On Monday, we made shrimp tacos. I like to take a big bed of lettuce, crumble up a taco shell on top, and then dump the shrimps, peppers, onions on top of that. Blondie actually makes a real taco. Tues and Wed we ate out at the bar - not great, but not horrible. Thursday, Blondie made me my indian eggplant again with chicken. And Friday, we made spaghetti so I could carbo-load for my "run" yesterday. Yesterday I declared it a "break from eating right!" and had corned beef on rye for lunch, and biryani for dinner. Along with 10000 beers, and 2 bags of gummy bears. It was all kinds of awesome.

Workouts were good - again. Monday I did my Insanity Cardio Recovery disc, Tuesday was an hour session on the treadmill - the first 30 minutes were 2 minute walk, 2 minute hill run; and the second 30 minutes were 2 minute walk, 2 minute fast flat run. Wednesday was Insanity Core Cardio and Balance. Thursday was supposed to be another hour on the treadmill but I was hungover from Wednesday. I decided to take a break day, but then when I got home on Thursday night, I changed my mind and did Insanity Pure Cardio (suck) intead. Friday was my real rest day (love) and Saturday was an 8 mile jaunt along the Hudson. I'm so slow right now, I hate every moment of every run - it took me 1:51 to do 8 miles, which is 14 minute miles - which is basically a fast walk. Last year, when I was training for my half, I did 10 miles in 1:55 minutes - so last year, in only 4 more minutes, I was doing 2 more miles. Oh well, as Blondie says - "Babe, you're doing it! Who cares how slow it is!" Today I did P90X yoga disc.

This week I have another release on tap on Tuesday which means a 6 am start time (and hopefully an early leave time). And Blondie's cousin arrives on Thursday for a few days. Looking forward to getting to hang out with him - I keep forgetting he's in his 20's as when I first met him, he was 12, and then's what is burned into my brain.


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