Monday, March 26, 2012

Part Drag Queen

Last week was good - a lot of fun, a lot of friends, a lot of drinking. You can't beat it. Or you can I guess, but it would be hard to do.

Tuesday was an early start for me - 6 am again. And the release went horrible. I'm not sure what's going on right now with the team that handles these, but whatever they're doing, it's not good. Calls are supposed to be 1 hour long - ours went for 5 hours, disbanded, and then got called again 2 hours later for another 3 hours (b/c of something the team had done wrong).

"So Tuesday sucked for you?" is what I imagine you are asking yourself. And my answer is "no way in hell did it suck". And this is because, after my call *finally* ended on Tuesday (4:30 pm), Blondie joined me and 2 of my coworkers to go out for free bloomin' onion at Outback! That's right - this past Tuesday was free bloomin' onion day, and we partook. We also partook of many margaritas and beers. All in all, a good day.

On Thursday, Blondie's cousin arrived. They spent the day doing various touristy things, before I joined them for Ethiopian for dinner. The weather was so nice that I ended up walking over to the restaurant from my work (2 miles ish), and then we had a couple of beers with dinner. After that, off to our regular bar for drinks and to say hi to everyone, before heading home for a few more beers.

Friday was about a repeat - I walked over after work to meet them for dinner, they did touristy things all day, etc. However, here is where things took a turn. We were at our local bar on Friday night, when my bar friend who does cabaret/burlesque happened to mention that the piano player's (in her shows) boyfriend was in a Disney drag show 2 blocks from where we were. And then she asked if I wanted to go. Uh, hello. Is the sun hot? YES I WANT TO GO.

The night went downhill from there, as we said goodbye to the guys, trotted our already tipsy asses up the street, and then partied for 1.5 hours with the drag queens as they did their show. I swear, I'm part drag queen. Not in terms of makeup, or hair, or how I look - but in terms of "OMG, I would like to be a drag queen". Imagine getting to be someone else entirely - and then really going out and doing that. I like my life just fine, but I still think that being able to transform completely into someone else has got to be so liberating it's not funny.

I stumbled home around 12:30 am to find Blondie and his cousin throwing a party on the patio (those 2, a lot of beer, and a radio). I joined in, and we ended up getting piss drunk. Finally at 3 am, I turned in, followed an hour later by the guys. Saturday morning was painful to say the least. Blondie and his cousin hit up the Guggenheim in the afternoon while I stayed home to die a little bit. Saturday night, we hit up this bar by us that has amazing views of the city, before heading to our favorite mexican place for dinner. Afterwards, it was back home to relax, watch TV, and drink some beers.

Sunday I headed out early and got my toes back in order (pedi), before meeting up with Blondie and Cuz for lunch and beers at another local bar. This bar is the same one we met Veanne Cox in last year, and as soon as I walked in on Sunday, Blondie and Cuz (who had beat me there) pointed out that the woman who plays Hazel (the new Kenneth) on 30 Rock was sitting right behind us. I restrained myself from being like "woot! Hazel! We love you! Is Tina Fey as awesome in real life as I dream she is????" But seriously - Blondie and I think we're going to hit that bar up every Sunday because someone is always in there.

After our Hazel sighting and lunch (chili verde for me, fried oyster and bacon sandwich for Blondie), we walked down to the piers to see the river. We ran into our bar friends and our building friends out walking their dogs, so we chatted with them for a bit. Then we headed home to shoot some pool in our amenity space, before we finally put Cuz in a cab and sent him on his way to the airport. Last night was spent inhaling pizza, and taking it easy.

Today was a kind of crap day. First off, I hit 5 years with my company - 5 different roles, 5 years, 1 company. Kind of a punch in the gut. Then, my old team approached my new boss and asked if they could petition for me back to help through another release in the next 5 months. So now I have to think about that - I don't want to seem "non team-player" but I also don't want anyone questioning why I switched teams if I didn't really switch teams. Then my laptop died, and it took 5 hours to get it going again. And then, I just went into hate mode. I hated my crowded train home, I hated that it's cold again outside when last week was SO NICE, I hated that I have to walk 1 mile a day regardless of what else I do (.5 miles to subway, .5 miles home from subway), I hated the fact that I'm surrounded by people ALL THE TIME (99.9999% of the time, I'm not by myself - I might be by myself, but I never don't have someone by me). All welled up. And here I am now. Pissed off about possibly having to go back into a role I hated, starving, no energy to work out, dreading a half marathon in 3 weeks.

Sometimes I don't have the energy to fake happy - today is one of those days. Tomorrow I'll probably be embarrassed that I was so pissy about things that normally I love. But today, right now, it's how I feel.

Workouts were good - up until Thurs. Friday was an off day, and then Saturday I was way too hungover to run. Sunday we were hanging with Cuz, and then today - no excuses. Just lazy. Tomorrow I WILL go down to the gym - simply b/c I can't be all putzy when I talk to my new boss tomorrow to give her my answer about going back into my old role.

Okay. So good = drag queens, cousin visiting, spotting Hazel. Bad = my bitchy attitude. Hey, at least good > bad!


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