Monday, April 02, 2012

Treadmill 0, Kerri 2

Okay, okay, okay. I'll start with this - I pulled my head out of my ass last Monday after my "woe is me" post. Or rather, I tried to pull my head out of my ass. After I published my post, I was lying there still in bed, still starving and angry. And then I thought "OMG, Fuck this. Get your ass up and do a workout". So I did. Blondie was nice enough to wait for me to do a 30 minute workout, before we ordered dinner.

The workout was sorely needed, as I felt a million times better when I was done. Still in full-on "hate mode", but not nearly what it was before I worked out. For dinner, we ordered in Argentinean food (roasted chicken, red beans, rice) and then crashing out to end our evening.

Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful. On Tuesday, we headed over to our bar for dinner and a few drinks. We kept it very low-key, just met up with our bartender and bar friends and got caught up. We split a sampler platter (if you can fry it, it goes on the platter) and we each had 2 beers before the day caught up with me and I insisted we go home (I had gotten up at 5:15 am so I was beat).

Thursday and Friday became "special days". First up, on Thursday I gave my new boss my official "I will go back and do my old role for the team" speech. That's right - assuming everything goes through in the SF office, I'm back in my old role through August. It was a hard decision to make, but I have to know was I a shitty PM or were the circumstances surrounding this project shitty? I hope it was the circumstances, as I don't think they would ask me to come back if I had been shitty at what I do. But who knows.

Then on Thursday afternoon, we took 2 hours to celebrate our VP's birthday. We had a little party and some cake, and just got to hang out and chill. It was a nice break to a Thursday - and it made the day go really fast.

Friday, Blondie came over and met me and 2 of my work friends (1 was the biryani guy) for some spicy Indian food for lunch. We hit up a curry place by us that the star of Man V Food went to for spicy curry - none of us got the spicy curry but the food was good, and getting to see Blondie during the day was nice.

And then on Friday afternoon, the program mgr for my old project called (the one I'm going to go back and help on). He told me that they needed me to commit to the project not through August, but through the entire program. So if this thing goes 2 more years, I'm the PM for 2 more years (or until I quit). I okay'd it (ugh), but now it's back to my boss for her to decide fully. This is ridic.

To sound like a narcissist, and probably to jinx everything - here is what is going on in my head. Utter relief that they liked me enough to go to my boss and ask for me back, utter relief that I couldn't had been as shitty at that role as I felt like (otherwise, they would be ecstatic that I was gone), and utter relief that not only do they want me back through the August release but that they think highly enough of me to commit to me through the remainder of the program. And then sheer terror that I'm jumping back into this program, sheer terror that the tech lead left last weekend for 6 weeks of vacation, sheer terror that I haven't been a part of anything that has gone on so far for August, and sheer terror that my boss is going to be angry that I said yes to this.

So there you go. Utter relief combining with sheer terror. Woot.

Friday night was spent taking it easy as I was supposed to have a 9 mile run on Saturday. But then Saturday happened. I headed out into the rain (why is it always sunny Sunday-Friday, and then raining on Saturdays?) to start my 9 mile run. To backtrack a little, on Wednesday while working out, I did something to the calf on my right leg. I thought it was a charley horse but I couldn't get it stretched out so had been hobbled a little by this. Anyway, I started out for my run, and my leg was very stiff and tight - and by .2 miles into the run, I knew I couldn't do the run. I was in severe pain, limping, and didn't want to make anything worse by doing 8.8 more miles. I headed/limped back to our apartment and just went to the gym. I did some Precor followed by a very slow walk on the treadmill going up a steep hill.

After the gym, we headed out to do our grocery shopping for the week - it was nice b/c the weather was crappy so the stores were almost dead. Then on Saturday afternoon, still raining, Blondie and I decided margaritas sounded good, so we had our local liquor store deliver us some tequila and margarita mix. We got caught up on our DVRs while having a few margaritas.

Sunday I woke up and my leg felt better, so I headed down to the treadmill, and BAM. I conquered that bitch. After the fantastic run, Blondie and I headed out to Pony Bar for lunch and a few beers. We split the oyster and bacon sandwich, and a roast beef sandwich, and I ended up having a stout which was the tastiest stout I've ever had (also 9.0% ABV). Afterwards, we stopped at our local bodega and got a few 6'ers which we drank while watching TV all afternoon.

Blondie made us biryani for dinner last night, and then the beers caught up with me and I went to bed at like 7:30 pm. I think. Blondie stayed up for awhile, but when I woke up at 1 am, I made him go to bed then.

Workouts were good this past week:
Monday - pulled head out of my ass and did Cardio Recovery disc.
Tuesday - 1 hour on treadmill - 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes hill running x 30 mins; 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes fast running x 30 mins
Wednesday - Core Cardio and Balance Insanity disc (and pulled calf muscle)
Thursday - 3 miles on treadmill, in 37:12 (Treadmill 0, Kerri 1) - ran it all - first full out run in 6 weeks and it felt good
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 35 minutes Precor, 10 minutes slow walking up a 6.0 incline while holding 5 lb handweights (should've been 9 miles)
Sunday - 3 miles on treadmill in 34:39 (WOOO - I'm back! I'm giddy about this time and chalk it up to the hour I'm doing weekly on the treadmill with hills and fast running - also, Thurs and Sunday runs were the first time in about a year that I've not actively hated every step I took while running)
Today - Cardio Recovery disc.

Dinners were good for us this week also:
Monday - Argentinean food
Tuesday - our bar
Wednesday - Pio (peruvian)
Thursday - scrambled eggs with a potato, chorizo, and a ton of veg
Friday - spaghetti
Saturday - grilled chicken sandwiches for lunch, spicy rice and chicken for dinner
Sunday - bar for lunch, chicken biryani for dinner.

Things coming up for me - less than 2 weeks until my half marathon in Central Park. This is going to suck. I'm going to guess that I'm at 3 hours again for this half. Not. Looking. Forward. To. It.

Mr Pooh shows up in 40 days to party with me and Blondie for Blondie's birthday! We're looking into several things to do while he's in town, but will spend a large portion of our time at the bar.

New Orleans in 6 weeks for Slick's bachelor party - a weekend of drinking in the streets, and getting to see one of my favorite people of all time.

Blondie is off to Wisc for 1.5 weeks in June, and then we are off to KY for 5 days in July.

And finally, tonight - KY in the final game of the NCAA tournament.


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