Sunday, April 29, 2012

Space shuttles, scotch tastings, 33:29, TCKITWv9.0

The title is actually the highlights from the week. Let's get this recap started shall we?

The front part of the week was all out lame. It was go to work, come home on Monday, Tues and Wed. Work is kind of up in the air right now - since the "go back to the old project" idea got shot down, it's been kind of weird at work. I was so geared up for making the switch, getting my mind back into my old role, quickly bringing myself up to speed for P2, that all of a sudden, I feel like I've got nothing to do (which isn't true). Just weird.

On Thursday, the Blonde One called me at work and mentioned he made "ghost pepper rice" for lunch and it was almost too hot for him to eat. Then he said we could eat the leftovers for dinner or go to the bar. I was like BAR. As I get older, I have a harder time eating really spicy food. As Blondie gets older, he can eat napalm and not have a problem. So when he said the rice was almost too hot for him, I knew I couldn't eat it. So off to the bar.

We met up with our bar friends for about an hour before they had to take off, but had a great evening at the bar. They had run out of Miller Lite (my standard drink) but had Bud Light Platinum. For those who haven't tried it, BLP has a 6.0 ABV which is really high for a light beer. I bought a 6 pack of this a few weeks ago, and downed it after a few beers at Pony Bar without realizing it was 6.0 ABV. And went to bed at like 5 pm that night.

Friday I got to work and was surfing the web, when I realized they were about a minute from flying the Space Shuttle Enterprise over the Hudson (Intrepid). I called Blondie and hollered at him to get out onto our patio and watch for the shuttle. He called back about 20 mins later - he had gotten to see the shuttle fly by! I think that is so exciting, and I'm seething with jealousy about it all. Stupid UES job location.

Then on Friday night, Blondie and I and my BFF from work headed down to Tribeca for the evening. My work BFF (WBFF from now on) has a girlfriend that I've heard about for awhile. So we were going to meet her for the first time. We went to Tribeca to this place called the Brandy Library for the meet up. Meeting the girlfriend was nice because it turns out she used to work with us and they just kept it under wraps at the office. So I already knew her. It was so funny b/c she walked in after us and I was all like "OMG! How are you?!?!?" and she plopped down next to WBFF. And it took me a minute but then it clicked - "ohhhhh I get it. You're the girlfriend!"

Anyhow, she's majorly into scotch, and I like scotch (and whiskey and bourbon) but I'm definitely not a connoisseur. I had a glass of bourbon to start and Blondie got a Singapore Sling. Then between the 4 of us, we had 18 tastings of various bourbon, scotch, etc. The bar was amazing. It's Brandy Library and it's set up like a library - leather seats, etc. The walls of the place are lined in bookshelves, and are filled with bottles. You give your order to your waiter, and then the waiter actually goes to the shelves and pulls out what they need to make your order. They don't give the order to a bartender, they do it themselves. There is a bar, and that bartender makes orders only for people who sit at the bar. Also, one of their appetizers were deviled eggs. Blondie was in heaven b/c of that. I was in heaven b/c it was brown liquor!

After drinks, at around 9:30 pm, we headed out of Brandy Library on the hunt for BBQ. We wandered around Tribeca for awhile - Tribeca film festival is going on right now so it was cool to see everything set up for it. But then made it to BBQ. The BBQ place was awesome. I had ribs and Blondie had fried chicken. We split sides with everyone. And then we headed back outside. It was freezing cold and we eagerly threw ourselves into a cab and came home.

Yesterday I had that weird kind of hangover. Where I wasn't nauseous or headachy, but I was exhausted. Blondie got up to go to the gym around 10:30 am, and I decided to go with him instead of doing a workout video in the house. On the elevator down, I was all "I'm just going to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins. I'm just going to lazy pedal a bike for 30 mins". The gym was pretty dead when we walked in, so I got onto a Precor and was putzing around with my headset, and then decided "fuck it, I'm just going to try and run today".

AND BUSTED IT OUT. I have no idea where that came from. My run. But I did 3 miles in 33:29!!! I'm almost back down to my ideal running speed. I'm so flipping excited about it. I'm starting to like running again, and I think it's because I know I'm not going any further than 3 miles right now. And also, I'm not training so if I want to go slow as shit, nobody cares. My run felt really good - it was hard, and I was exerting myself for certain, but my breathing felt on pace with my legs. So while I was breathing hard, it was controlled hard breathing.

Afterwards, Blondie and I showered up and then talked ourselves out of actually going to the grocery store. Instead we ordered in groceries to be delivered today, and then ordered sandwiches for lunch. We got up around 3 pm and headed out to meet our bar friends for many drinks. Blondie is going to work with 1 of my bar friends on his project, so they discussed the project for a couple of hours while my other bar friend and I got drunk.

And then we rolled home last night to get the exciting news that TCKITWv9.0 was born yesterday afternoon! Another niece, making it 8 nieces, 1 nephew between Blondie's siblings and my sibling. She had to come early as there was something they were concerned about with her, but she's here and she's ok. Blondie is excited - he's headed back to the Land of Cheese in 6 weeks, so he gets to meet her and TCKITWv8.0 for the first time.

Today I'm waiting for groceries. And then I'm going to workout, pick up a prescription, pick up cat treats, get a pedicure, and then meet up with Blondie and my bar friends at Pony Bar for the afternoon. It's a nice day today so we might hit up our biergarden also.

Workouts were good this week:
Monday - Insanity Cardio Recovery disc
Tuesday - 30 Day Shred Level 1 disc, Bob's Bootcamp Level 1 disc
Wednesday - 3 mile run in 35:49
Thursday - P90X Legs&Back disc
Friday - rest
Saturday - 3 mile run in 33:29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday - ??? Maybe P90X Kenpo or Insanity Max Cardio


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